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Which is good for living room tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

   Living room decoration has always been the most important thing for people. The advantages of ceramic tiles are dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Many people choose to use ceramic tiles to decorate the living room. Since there are many types of household tiles, consumers are facing the living room wall tiles. At that time, there was more choice. So, which is the best choice for living room tiles?

  1. Polished tile    Polished tile has a smooth surface, hard and wear-resistant, and is a household tile suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens. Polished tiles can also produce various imitated stone and wood effects on the basis of the bleeding technique.   Many consumers have a false perception: the anti-slip effect of polished tiles is very poor, and if water is spilled, it will increase safety risks. Therefore, evasive to polished tiles, and finally choose 'introverted light' matte tiles. In fact, all polished tiles are non-slip. Polished tiles are slippery with soil, but astringent with water, so as long as daily cleaning is done, the anti-slip effect will not be affected.  2. Antique tiles  The antique tiles in the household tiles are imported from foreign countries, which are non-slip and wear-resistant. It is a good choice for families with elderly and children, or families with European style decoration. In addition, when laying antique tiles, there is no need to deliberately distinguish the color of the tiles. The craftsmanship characteristic of antique bricks is that there are several different colors and uneven surfaces in a box of bricks. In this way, through the matching of different colors and uneven textures, a paving effect full of natural flavor and stylish personality can be obtained.   Friendly reminder: When paving antique tiles, you need to remove and wipe off the cement mortar, adhesive and other contaminants, such as sawdust, glue, paint, etc., that adhere to the surface of the brick body during construction. Only in this way can the brick surface be clean and beautiful.  3. Fully polished glaze    1) Fully polished glaze is also called glazed brick, the surface of this kind of outdoor wood deck tiles is treated by burning glaze. From the perspective of raw materials, it can be divided into two types:    ceramic outdoor ceramic tile, which are made of clay, with relatively high water absorption and relatively low strength. The main feature of ceramic glazed tiles is that the back color is red.   2) Porcelain glazed tiles. Porcelain outdoor ceramic tile are made of porcelain clay, with low water absorption and relatively high strength. The main feature of porcelain outdoor ceramic tile is that the back color is off-white.  Compared with polished tiles, full polished glaze can save 90% of material loss, more energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental protection. At the same time, the fully polished glaze replaces the scarce and expensive high-end stone, reducing the cost of building decoration. However, the wear resistance of fully polished glaze is not as good as polished tiles.  Which kind of tiles to choose for the living room is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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