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Which is better, thick tiles or thin tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

  As a consumer with no decoration experience, facing all kinds of tiles on the market, he will inevitably suffer from 'difficulty in choosing'. Not to mention the various functional tiles, the thickness of the two types of tiles alone makes it difficult for us to choose. So which one is better, thick ceramic tiles or thin ceramic tiles?

   The thickness of ceramic tiles is more realistic. Many home improvement products are thicker, the better the quality, so consumers tend to form an inherent idea that thick things are more real, but for ceramic tiles, they value more Artistic, decorative and surface effects.  The advantages of thick: thick ceramic tiles have high strength and corrosion resistance. Because the ceramic tiles are fired at high temperatures, the resistance of the ceramic tiles to damage is much higher than that of the stone at the same thickness.  The disadvantage of thicker tiles: thicker tiles require more raw materials, and more energy consumption is required to achieve a qualified sintering degree. Compared with thin tiles with the same effect, it is not environmentally friendly.  Thin ceramic tiles are a big trend  With the development of the decking tile industry, thin ceramic tiles will surely become a big trend in the future due to their advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, and low production costs. The ceramic tiles are thin, which is very beneficial to the sintering performance, and can produce products that meet the needs of consumers in large quantities while reducing energy consumption and resources. However, there is still room for improvement in the destructive resistance and bearing capacity of thin ceramic tiles. Advantages of thinness: environmental protection and energy saving are the general trend. Thin ceramic tiles consume less material, and their hardness and wear resistance are by no means inferior; the transportation cost of thin and light ceramic tiles is also reduced. According to statistics, the transportation volume of each vehicle is more than traditional An increase of 4307 square meters; the weight of thin tiles is less, and the load on the wall and the ground after paving is reduced.  The shortcomings of thinness: In traditional consumer concepts, ceramic tiles need to be thick and strong to be more durable; if the ceramic tiles become thinner, their load-bearing capacity and anti-destructive ability will be reduced; due to the thinning of the ceramic tiles, many surface processes cannot be achieved, resulting in a single tile effect.  Which is better, thick ceramic tile or thin decking tile is introduced here, if you want to learn more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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