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Which is better, Marco Polo tile or Dongpeng tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-23

  Dongpeng and Marco Polo Ceramic Tiles belong to the top ten brand ceramic tiles with good reputation. Both in terms of market sales and consumer reputation, these two brand tiles are very good, but Many people are entangled with which one is better to choose Dongpeng ceramic tile or Marco Polo ceramic tile? In fact, it is mainly based on their main expertise to make the outdoor wood deck tiles type. It is not difficult to choose the type of outdoor wood deck tiles according to their needs. The following mainly compares Dongpeng ceramic tile and Marco Polo decking tile from many aspects, which one is better? Generally speaking, the best choice to buy antique tiles is Marco Polo tiles. Dongpeng tiles generally belong to mid-range tiles, and there are more home improvement series tiles.

   Marco Polo Tiles and Dongpeng Tiles are both highly recognized tile brands by consumers, and these two tiles are both ranked in the top ten tile brands.   1. Dongpeng ceramic tiles are more famous in polished tiles, but Marco Polo tiles are better made on antique tiles. Marco Polo mainly makes antique bricks. Dongpeng has all kinds of brick series, all of which belong to the top ten brands. The styles are different, the prices are similar, and they are all quite expensive.  2. Both Dongpeng and Marco Polo belong to the top three in the national decking tile industry. The former is more famous in polished tiles, while Marco Polo is on antique tiles, but the production process of antique tiles is more complicated than polished tiles. I personally think Marco Polo is better. After all, antique tiles can be made, let alone polished.  3. Marco Polo’s main tooling is available at high, middle and low end. Most of the products on the market are mid-end products, with average quality and medium price. In recent years, Dongpeng Ceramics products are mostly mid-end products, with good quality and medium price.  4. In fact, Dongpeng ceramic tiles and Marco Polo ceramic tiles are both well-known brands, but Dongpeng is better at vitrified tiles, suitable for simple and modern style decoration; Marco Polo is better at antique tiles, which are more suitable for pastoral or European style. Each has its own strengths.   Which is better, Marco Polo tile or Dongpeng tile, is introduced here, comprehensively investigate, learn more about other brands of tiles, and choose the tile brand that suits you. This includes the suitable price and the color you like. Otherwise, you don't like it very much when you buy it. The new home is hard to decorate, and the more you look at it, the less you like it, which will affect your mood and quality of life!

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