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Which color kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy is good

by:JIABANG     2020-08-31

the kitchen is a place in life to cooking, compared with sitting room, bedroom, it often can appear the oil, water, etc. So in the kitchen is decorated in, cannot use common idea to decorate. Such as the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy which color is good, just need to consider a lot of problems.

1。 The kitchen floor is unfavorable use wood floor, although the wooden floor of the original wood color can let a space appear more upscale and beautiful, but the kitchen is a strong functional space, in the process of cooking soot, such as water, these will inevitably affect the floor. Even waterproof, high temperature resistant performance is good wood floor, which also has a great influence, long wooden floor are prone to deformation, swell, need to repair again, more trouble.

2。 It is best to choose the granite floor tiles of deep color, can make the ground of the kitchen has a weight to a certain extent, conforms to the modern aesthetic, top-heavy won't happen. And the floor of the deep color can let a kitchen in the oil, water damage and other desalination, not clearly, cleaning easier, make the kitchen more clean. Deep color floor can also form a contrast and ambry or echo, make ambry becomes more prominent, more aesthetic feeling.

3。 Kitchen wall outdoor wood deck tiles can choose with the floor of the same or similar color, form an echo, make the kitchen uniform, and the same deep color can let a kitchen appliances, metallic simple sense is stronger, can give a person a kind of pure and fresh feeling.

4。 If you feel the kitchen all adopt the deep color of ceramic tile is boring, so can a wall brick light color or cool color attune is given priority to, let a kitchen in a number of kitchen utensils and appliances of home appliances environment more than a hint of cool and refreshing flavor. In the same way, the light color can let a kitchen have extended sense on the vision, for the kitchen area is small, can reduce the narrow depression.

5。 Don't want to follow the above principles to determine the color of kitchen ceramic tile, can choose according to decorate a style, European style western-style can use cool color attune such as ceramic tile, such as blue, gray, etc; Chinese style style can choose warm color to move, such as orange, red brown, etc.

the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy what color? Is closed the kitchen alone can consider to use the above a few kinds of color combination, if they are open or half open kitchen, when choosing a ceramic tile color had better to reference the color of the sitting room, generally not more than three, avoid too much clutter. If you want to know more about ceramic tile, you can click on the ceramic tile of brand for details.

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