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Where is the difference between tile and ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-01
Tile and ceramic tile are used to decorate granite floor tiles and wall outdoor wood deck tiles, the pronunciation is the same, so it is impossible to distinguish between a lot of consumer, even don't know what is the difference between the nature of the two; So, what's the difference between tile and ceramic tile? Small make up today is to introduce the difference between the tile and ceramic tile, and see it together. What's the difference between tile and ceramic tile from process perspective tile: is made of clay fire, must glaze by bibulous rate is higher. The magnetic intensity is low. : is made of porcelain clay fire becomes, in pursuit of adornment effect also on the glaze, this kind of ceramic tile structure tight, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong, Such as home common bowls) A bit higher than burning clay brick. Is the birthplace of pottery and porcelain has a long history in our country, the development of modern industry, under the use of nanotechnology, hardness is high, can make diamond drill bits. So-called tile, is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and is one kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone building materials or decorative materials, such as total called tile. Tell from the price, the tile is usually higher than ceramic tile prices generally refers to a glazed ceramic tile brick, outdoor wood deck tiles and tile generally refers to do not have glaze or body brick ( Such as glass, etc. ) 。 In general specification of tile flooring, small specifications of the general shop balcony metope, tile relatively heavier than the ceramic tile, and lay not easily and the interface bonding, so usually spread more with cement tile. And the scope of application of decking tile is widely, tile is simple in construction craft, mostly used in toilet metope, ground, metope of the kitchen floor and guest restaurant on the ground. More about what's the difference between tile and ceramic tile is a simple introduction to here, hope to help you. More information, all in this website, please look.
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