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When decorating, common problems of ceramic tile is what?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-24
When decorating, the ceramic tile of common problems
a: ceramic tile budget to do? A: this is according to each family's needs and budget. In general, the high-end choice over 200 yuan every flat ( For foreign brands and domestic a line brand high-end series) ; Mid-range option price - in 100 200 yuan/flat ( of brand of domestic a gleam of heavy relatively favorable, or relatively advanced in the second-line brand) ; Economical choice in a square 60 100 yuan, In the domestic second-tier brands relative preferential series) 。 In a 4 flat toilet, for example, About 15 flat 4 flat granite floor tiles, wall brick) , mid-range configuration - in 2500 4000 yuan. Major problem two: choose ceramic tile to consider what factors? A: choose the ceramic tile not only consider the price and budget, the design style of more comprehensive consideration, according to daylighting strength, size, determine the colour of decking tile, decorative pattern and size. At the same time, also note floor tile and brick walls, doors and Windows, furniture, The kitchen mainly the color of the cabinet) To consider the tonal and consistent, the be fond of of family members, etc. , in pursuit of the harmonious result. Question 3: about the ceramic tile that word a lot, what are the main types of ceramic tile? A: simply put, is now the most common are outdoor ceramic tile and bo changes a brick, ( Bibulous rate is higher than 0. 5% is glazed pottery, below zero. Bo changes a brick is 5%. ) Spray on the surface of glazed pottery porcelain content is low, but the enamel, so beautiful and good antifouling sex; Mainly used in hutch defends wall ground. Bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile, high hardness is wear-resisting, used for a long time not prone to damaged surface, stable performance, mainly used in the sitting room toilet metope and ground. Because bo changes a brick from the material, performance and process requirements are much higher than the glazed tile, so prices generally expensive in glazed tile. There is a kind of brick restoring ancient ways, more for the glazed pottery, surface texture treatment is more good and beautiful, from the material than ordinary glazed pottery vitrified degree is high. Question 4: what is the distinguishing feature of glazed tile and bo changes a brick, which is more slippery, more beautiful and good cleaning? A: glazed pottery is more diverse in terms of color effect, anti-fouling prevent slippery, but wearability is poor than bo changes a brick, long use surface may wear big; Bo changes a brick vitrified degree is higher, stable performance good clean surface is hard wear-resisting, use for a long time, Before using the best play time wax, improve soil resistance) ,! Bo changes a brick of antiskid performance slightly weaker than glazed pottery, when choosing to pay attention to the antiskid performance test it, pour water on the surface of the tile brick under test. Question 5: how to choose the floor tile of wall of toilet? Use a glazed tile or bo changes a brick? The advantages and disadvantages? Inferior smooth light good? A: currently used in the tile of toilet multi-purpose glazed pottery, Mainly from the ratio of consideration, high-grade can choose bo changes a brick, pay attention to prevent slippery granite floor tiles) , divided into two kinds of light and matte. Let a person feel bright light, but toilet is more appropriate to make you feel warm, so suggest using matte, light soft not dazzling. Question 6: kitchen which brick shop right? Answer: the kitchen is more than the average person choose light color light glazed pottery, looks clean and tidy, as far as possible choose no concave and convex surface smooth, that's good, not easy to dust. Choose to also pay attention to prevent slippery granite floor tiles, specifications shoulds not be too big, should pay attention to the position of floor drain. Question 7: matte tile is easy to dirty and not easy to clean? A: the glaze ceramic tile can be divided into light and matte. Both just light reaction is not the same, but the same brand outdoor wood deck tiles dumb light and the light with the same material, antifouling effect is the same, another glaze itself is not oil absorption, so oil will not penetrate into the outdoor wood deck tiles! Whether difficult cleaning and matte it doesn't matter, if there is a concave and convex decorative pattern and surface, sag deposited easily hidden scale, so suggest the kitchen if you want to use inferior smooth, try to use a smooth surface, easy care in the future, try to smooth sailing after each ready meals with dishcloth surface of ceramic tile.
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