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What types prevent slippery ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-11-28

ceramic tile is more common building materials in our daily life, and the place such as kitchen, toilet shop sticks decking tile, these two places is wet, so slippery became more important, so what kind of ceramic tile prevent slippery? Below small make up to prevent slippery decking tile is to introduce what kinds?

1, to prevent slippery granite floor tiles glaze glaze prevent slippery granite floor tiles strength is high, the fouling resistance is strong, glazed tile surface more smooth, now is widely used in residential floor decoration. 2, connect body to prevent slippery granite floor tiles, connect body to prevent slippery floor tile is a glazed porcelain tiles, a good skid resistance and abrasion resistance. This kind of outdoor wood deck tiles is cheap, very popular among people and trust. 3, bo to prevent slippery floor tile vitrified prevent slippery floor tile is one of the all ceramic tile is harder, the price also is higher, generally used in house decoration is not much. It has good waterproof, moistureproof, wear-resisting, easy to clean, etc, to damp or space often needs to keep health. What kind is introduced to prevent slippery ceramic tile here, if you still want to know more can click on the decking tile brand for details.

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