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What types of prevent slippery ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-11-28

prevent slippery floor tile is each family must choose when decorate, however in the choice to the bathroom and kitchen traditionally choose to prevent slippery floor tile, granite floor tiles kind so prevent slippery decking tile are there?

the brick: good skid resistance, prevent slippery brick generally belong to the brick that the brick is clastic rock high pressure suppression and become, not glazed surface, both the colour and lustre is consistent. The brick surface is rough, and antiskid performance is better. Prevent slippery brick mostly to belong to the brick of on the market at present. Mosaic tile: good skid resistance Mosaic tile it is general by tens of piece small brick comprises a relatively big outdoor wood deck tiles, because the block is small, there is gap between block and block, so as to enhance its skid resistance. Glazed tile: good skid resistance glazed pottery is treated with burn glair brick, brick surface for the glazed surface, fight corrupt capability is strong, skid resistance, though not as good as the brick, but compared to the polishing brick and bo changes a brick, skid resistance is better. Bo changes a brick: skid resistance generally bo changes a brick is a brick bibulous rate is low, the surface polished mirror effect, but due to its strong hydrophilicity, treat water more slippery, the more water, surface feel more astringent. So bo changes a brick dry wet skid resistance rather than after. Polishing brick: poor skid resistance polishing brick is the brick surface after grinding and polishing of a light brick, surface smooth, bright and clean, and skid resistance is poor, do not recommend the shop is stuck in hutch defends, balcony antislip requirement high space. Prevent slippery decking tile kind what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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