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What types of ceramic tile of these do you know

by:JIABANG     2020-12-26

ceramic tile can be seen everywhere in our daily life, many people for ceramic tile is not particularly understand actually, so small make up today is to introduce what types of decking tile?

1, polishing brick, its weight is lighter, bricky system relative to other relatively thin, stiffness and abrasion resistance are good, but because of the grinding process of the problem is easier to hide the dirt. Suitable for bedroom, sitting room, balcony. 2, glazed tile, glazed tile color pattern is more, stain resistant degree is good, price is very high, can be divided into two kinds of porcelain and ceramic. Suitable for bathroom, kitchen. 3, matte brick matte brick is not pollution, compared to other running on more laborious, but laid out the effect is better. Apply to hutch, balcony. 4, in the life everyone knows body brick to connect body are more common, connect body glaze color is not a single, but good wear resistance and prevent slippery. Applicable to the corridor, outdoor. 5, archaize brick archaize brick to decorate the effect is more outstanding, and compare the antiskid anti-fouling, but bibulous rate is higher, back to the south was difficult to handle. Apply to the sitting room, balcony. 6, prevent slippery brick, prevent slippery brick as the name implies prevent slippery effect is better, and wear resistant and practical. Applicable to water area, the balcony, kitchen, bathroom. 7, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick surface is clean, abrasion resistance but the downside is not slippery. Suitable for the sitting room, hallway. What types of ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

what kinds of ceramic tile, what are the ceramic tile market to choose

on the market at present there are many to choose ceramic tile, ceramic after collecting system, classify the ceramic tile on the market for the following. Hope to help will decorate a friend.

class ground brick

the ground stone brick, bo changes a brick on the ground, the ground inferior smooth brick, polishing brick on the ground, the ground half throw brick, outdoor wood deck tiles on the ground, the ground archaize brick. of the wall inside the


interior glazed tile, interior wall polishing brick, wall microcrystalline brick, bo changes a brick of the wall inside the, interior wall inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, brick, wall glass brick wall bread, small size wall brick, wall, interior wall culture stone, archaize brick wall wood grain brick, wall stone brick.

tile class

exterior glazed brick, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles wall, outer wall inferior smooth brick, wall tile, exterior wall stone brick, and archaize brick wall.

accessories brick class

a waist, flowers, lace, flower heart, crural line, adorn article, corner brick, porcelain column, adornment.

Mosaic class

ceramic Mosaic, metal Mosaic, glass Mosaic, crystal Mosaic, stone Mosaic.

special dedicated brick class

pool brick, square brick, supermarket brick, guide brick, villa, split brick, municipal brick, step ladder, acid-proof brick, tile, anti-static.

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