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What to pay attention to when laying tiles in the living room

by:JIABANG     2021-05-14

The living room is the main activity area for family and guests, so the selection of the floor material is very important. If the floor material of the living room is not selected properly, it will affect the later use and the entire decoration style. So, what tiles are good for the living room? What should I pay attention to when laying tiles in the living room? Let’s take a look at the editor!

What kind of tiles are good for the living room

What kind of tiles are for the living room? Okay? Since the living room is relatively less affected by environmental temperature and pollution, it is a better space, so the functional requirements for the decking tile itself are not so high. However, the choice of living room tiles should be based on the lighting effect of the living room and the owner's personal preferences to choose the corresponding tiles. If the living room lighting is dark, then lighter tiles should be laid; if the living room has good lighting, then it is better to choose soft-colored tiles. The editor here recommends a living room tile: vitrified tile. The manufacturing requirements of vitrified tile will be stricter, so its density is relatively high. Moreover, when the vitrified tiles are fired, they are made at high temperature, so that such tiles can be fully porcelainized and the quality will be better.

What to pay attention to when laying tiles in the living room

1. Tile specifications

If the living room area is relatively large, such as: the living room area exceeds 30 For square meters, 80*80 floor tiles can be used when choosing tiles. If the area of u200bu200bthe living room is small and less than 30 square meters, you can use floor tiles below 60*60, but it should be noted that it is best not to use floor tiles below 40*40. If the living room area is large, and the floor tiles of small specifications are laid, it will be very crowded from the visual effect. If the living room area is relatively small, laying large-size tiles will make people feel very uncoordinated, so when choosing living room tiles, you must choose the appropriate specifications to lay.

2. Color

The living room is the main place of activity, so its color should make people feel bright, comfortable and natural. The color of the living room tiles is better to choose light shades, such as: white, light beige, solid color or tiles with small patterns are all possible.

3. Material

Since most of the time is in the living room, it is best to choose the kind of wear-resistant tiles for the living room tiles, such as vitrified tiles, because vitrified Bricks are easier to clean. Some people like to lay antique tiles in the living room. This kind of tiles has a good decorative effect, but it is more difficult to clean.

4. Embellishment

Now most people choose simple and smooth decoration style, so the living room floor tiles are the same. Since most walls are decorated with paint, it is easy to get dirty where the paint touches the ground. If skirting is not installed, it will easily cause wall pollution or damage over time. On the contrary, laying skirting can play a protective role, and can also embellish the living room.

5. Maintenance after the tile is laid

Before the tile is laid in the living room, the tiles must be soaked in water for more than three hours, so that the tiles can absorb enough water and moisture. After sufficient tiles are laid, there will be no falling off, hollowing, or weak adhesion.

The article summarizes: What kind of tiles are good for the living room? Since the living room is a relatively good space, the requirements for tiles are not so high. The editor recommends laying vitrified tiles. It's good, it's hard-wearing and easy to clean. Everyone should pay attention to the above techniques when laying tiles in the living room, so as to make the overall effect of the living room better.

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