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What to pay attention to when laying marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-21
What should I pay attention to when laying marble tiles? Nowadays, many friends like to use marble tiles when decorating, so today the editor of ceramics will tell you what you need to pay attention to when laying marble tiles. To install marble tiles, first prepare thin rubber gloves and a trowel. Lay the floor, use spacers to keep the grout line straight, and wipe off the excess adhesive. Mortar is used as grouting to prevent cracks between tiles. After the mortar is completely dry, the marble tiles should be sealed to prevent stains, and resealed every 9 to 18 months according to the flow of people. Marble tiles will gradually change color over time, and damaged tiles are almost impossible to completely repair. However, correctly installed and maintained marble floors can last a long time. If you want to maintain the beauty and luster of the marble art stone floor tiles at home, you should consider taking some maintenance measures. You have to make sure that the marble tiles will always be in their best appearance. If by any chance, the marble tiles get dirty, they should be cleaned up immediately. However, at some point, no matter how you protect your marble tiles, it will still become dirty. Here are some ways to keep your marble tiles clean. First, what you need to do is prepare warm water and a soft clean cotton cloth or sponge. In the process of cleaning marble tiles, you can't use too much water, just make sure the cotton cloth or sponge is slightly damp. Gently wipe the marble tiles until your marble tiles are clean and shiny. If by any chance, the marble tiles are very dirty and cannot be cleaned by scrubbing with warm water and a sponge, you'd better use a small amount of dry borax and a clean damp cloth. Gently scrub the marble and then wipe it with a dry cloth until it is clean. And you can buy and use some marble polishes to clean your marble tiles. You must first mix the marble polish with water, and then wipe it with a clean dry cloth until the marble tiles are as shiny as before. Marble tiles can make your home look beautiful and attractive, so it must be maintained. You must maintain its luster and beauty to ensure that it continues to be kept in the most perfect condition. Marble tiles also have a cooling effect, which has obvious advantages for families located in tropical climates. Marble tiles can keep the house cool. The above are some of the issues that should be paid attention to when laying marble tiles that the editor of Ceramics brings to you. I hope you can pay more attention to the laying after reading this article.
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