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What to pay attention to when joining tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19

   As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, the development of the ceramic tile industry has been accelerated, and there are more and more decking tile installations in the market. At this time, everyone's demand for ceramic tiles is also increasing. At this time, everyone's demand for ceramic tiles is also increasing. So what should I pay attention to when joining tiles?

  Investors, before joining the ceramic tiles, they should visit the headquarters to understand the production scale and production equipment of the company, and avoid rushing to join the company without understanding the actual situation of the company to sign a contract, and only find that the product supply is insufficient when operating , Affect income. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of interested dealers communicate with the manufacturers in depth, understand the manufacturer’s operating conditions, corporate culture, product quality and core competitiveness, and take a look at the company’s pre-training and market promotion. Beware that some manufacturers exaggerate the promotion of their products, which may cause problems such as non-energy-saving and environmental-friendly after joining, which may cause consumers to return the products.   Understand the market situation. Analyzing the development potential of the local decking tile market, this requires in-depth investigation of ceramic tiles. Learn about the local ceramic tile business, what local people's preferences for ceramic tiles, prices, styles, etc., as well as the local per capita income, etc., so that you can better seize market share and win better development.  Management policy. Tile franchise dealers need to take the initiative to find more diversified marketing channels. Shang Nuan Jia’s new model is intelligently customized. The heating module can be combined with any ceramic tile on the market, and the product is very expandable. Let the merchants who do ordinary tiles become partners, and set up extensive experience rooms in their own stores and cooperative channels, so that customers can experience the excellent effects of the product in different places. That is, let the product speak for itself, and let the effect touch people. Cooperate with traditional building materials business channels, with the help of its brand awareness, event effects, and customer expansion capabilities, through the sharing of benefits, quickly shorten the accumulation time of their own brand and customer sources, and take advantage of the situation. Customers can also choose a good tile brand by themselves and come directly to the store to customize the convenience can.   In 2016, the output value of domestic ceramics has exceeded 500 billion (calculated based on the factory price), but there is no ceramic company in the domestic market that has a share of more than 2%. Offline stores have covered nearly 2,000 specialty stores across the country, join to build your wealth building.   What should we pay attention to when joining ceramic tiles is introduced here. Joining ceramic tiles requires choosing a good brand. A good brand can bring us a lot of help. You can learn more about it.

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