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What tiles to choose for living room tile decoration

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

   Decoration is not a trivial matter, especially the decoration in the living room. You must learn some knowledge and understand some knowledge to make the decoration better. Then what kind of tiles should be used for the decoration of the living room?

  1. Choosing the horizon for the living room decoration tiles: mainly to make the living room floor more surplus and change some lines that look concise, mainly using some tiles that are different from the main color of the floor tiles It is mainly processed with dark ceramic tiles, and some antique tiles also have some matching horizons to choose from. Mainly used in places around the ground or overhangs in aisles.  2. Choosing the corner of the living room decoration tiles: mainly to protect the wall skirt. I personally suggest that you can choose one of the following two methods: one is to form a larger contrast with the color of the floor tiles, but you must pay attention to choosing products of the same color series as much as possible! In order to maintain the unity of the overall style; the second is to form a large contrast with the floor tiles. The colors are close. In this case, I personally suggest to add a contrasting horizon around the ground. The corner line can be purchased directly, or you can entrust the seller to process it. Generally, if you are using glazed floor tiles, choose the glazed corner line, if it is a vitrified tile, choose the vitrified tile corner . 3. Choosing parquet for the living room decoration tiles: floor decoration paintings made of ceramic tiles, now basically those who buy bricks can be commissioned for processing, there are many patterns to choose from, you should generally pay attention when choosing processing, and the background color of the parquet The color and pattern are the same as other tiles on the ground! Mainly used at the entrance or under the coffee table and dining table in the living room and dining room.   What kind of tiles to choose for living room tile decoration is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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