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What sticks to the tile floor

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29
What kind of glue is used for tile floor? For professional decorators, this is not a problem, but I believe this is the first question that many people who decorate their own homes face in the process of decorating floor decoration materials. The answer is very simple, that is, tile glue. . Tile adhesive has many advantages. For example, using tile adhesive can save more space than using cement. Only a thin layer of tile adhesive is enough, while cement is thicker. Tile adhesive has strong adhesion. If the construction process reaches the standard, the tile It is very sticky; it can also reduce waste, no toxic additives, and meet environmental requirements. How to use tile glue The construction wall should be moist (wet outside and dry inside), and maintain a certain level of flatness. The uneven or extremely rough parts should be leveled with cement mortar and other materials; the base layer must be cleaned of floating dust, oil stains, and wax to avoid Affect the degree of adhesion; after the tile is pasted, it can be moved and corrected within 5 to 15 minutes. The water-cement ratio is about 1:4. The adhesive should be used up within 5-6 hours after being evenly stirred (when the temperature is about 20 degrees); apply the mixed adhesive on the back of the pasted outdoor wood deck tiles, and then Press firmly until it is level. The actual consumption is different due to different materials, generally at least about 4.5-6 kg per square meter, and the thickness of the paste is about 2-3mm. Use common sense: 1. Deacetic acid type: fast curing speed, good transparency, but releases acetic acid during curing; it has a pungent odor, and is corrosive to metal, coated glass and some inorganic materials. 2. Dealcoholized TC: small curing shrinkage, small peeling off in water, no corrosion to most substrates; poor adhesion to fluorocarbon profiles, plastic steel and white marble; construction at high temperatures will cause excessive reaction speed Fast, resulting in the generated alcoholic small molecules can not be volatilized in time, and the formation of bubbles affects the construction quality. Deoxime type TW: good adhesion, can be applied at appropriate high temperature, will not produce bubbles; it has slight corrosion to copper and mirror industry. And the shrinkage rate is larger than that of the alcohol type. Restrictions on use: Non-structural adhesives are forbidden to be used in structural assembly; not suitable for use on the surface of building materials that ooze grease, plasticizers or other solvents; not suitable for frosted or wet surfaces, long-term buried in the ground or long-term immersion in water; Used on painted surfaces, which may cause seal failure due to cracking or peeling of the paint film; not suitable for direct contact with food or places subject to mechanical abrasion; not suitable for building materials whose surface temperature is lower than 4°C or higher than 40°C Time construction. 3. Deacidification type: Acid glue is not suitable for cement and stone, because the solidification of acid glue produces acetic acid, which will react with the surface of alkaline materials such as cement and stone to form a chalky substance, which will cause the substrate to fall off; The expansion coefficient is large, there is displacement or vibration, and the glue is too thin during construction, which will easily cause the surface of the neutral glue to wrinkle after curing; for example, the neutral glue and acid glue may cause the neutral glue to turn yellow when used at the same time. (1) High-temperature sizing, high-temperature curing; too fast curing speed, the rate of release of methanol is greater than the rate of methanol exuding from the colloid, so that the methanol will vaporize and produce bubbles after agglomeration; (2) The sizing is too thin, less than 6mm (3) Foaming (open-cell foam strip) caused by damage to the foam rod (strip); moisture; incompatible material of the foam strip and chemical reaction; (4) Irregular sizing and repeated flattening. The above 4 items can all cause blistering after sizing. Be careful not to squeeze excessively during the trimming, otherwise it will easily cause the cushion foam rod to deform, and then the foam rod will gradually recover, resulting in the overall swelling of the sealant; during the construction, try to extend the correction time within the construction allowable range and adjust at the same time Operation, use a scraper to trim the edges from the bottom of the glue seam upwards, which can avoid uneven surface and a small amount of sagging of the glue strip after curing; due to the different types of materials on the market, it is recommended that customers perform simple procedures before using each batch of glue products. The cohesiveness test can be widely used after the product quality is recognized. This is to ensure the quality of the project while also safeguarding its own interests.
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