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What size to buy bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-06

   Tile is a commonly used paving material during decoration. It can also be used for paving walls in bathrooms and kitchens. In the decoration of the bathroom, the requirement for tiles is to be slip resistant and stain resistant. On this basis, wall tiles and floor tiles can also form a decorative combination. This requires first determining the size of bathroom tiles, and the size of the tiles is the most suitable for the bathroom What? The following editor will introduce the size of bathroom tiles to buy.

   There are many choices of bathroom tiles. Commonly used are outdoor ceramic tile, mosaics, vitrified tiles, etc., which have better anti-slip properties, especially outdoor ceramic tile. The dimensions of floor tiles are 300mm×400mm, 300mm×300mm, 250mm×330mm. Tiles that are too large are not suitable for use in the relatively small space of the bathroom. The size of wall tiles is generally 200mm×300mm, 250mm×330mm, 300mm×450mm, 300mm×600mm. Which size to choose, in terms of the actual paving effect, large-size tiles are easier to pave and have good flatness; small-size tiles are more prominent in decoration and have a stronger sense of space. If it is a small bathroom, the wall tiles can be smaller in size 200mm×300mm or 250mm×330mm. The commonly used in decoration is 250mm×330mm. If the bathroom is large in size, you can choose a larger size. Wall tiles can be used. Choose 300mm×450mm or 300mm×600mm, among which 300mm×600mm is more high-end.   As for the size matching of wall tiles and floor tiles, if 300mm×450mm wall tiles are used, floor tiles can be matched with 300mm×300mm; wall tiles with a size of 250mm×330mm can be matched with 330mm×330mm floor tiles. The waistline to be laid can be 9mm, and the height is determined according to the height of the family. It can be between 90cm-120cm, and the effect is beautiful and practical. The size of the bathroom tiles to choose from is introduced here. When decorating the bathroom, just pay attention to the overall structure and the tiles. At the same time, pay attention to the size of the bathroom tiles to be smaller than the living room, so that there will be the main and the second. It will be messy. The distribution from Fengshui is the primary and secondary distinction, otherwise it will destroy the balance.

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