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What should we pay attention to when choosing tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

  Tile is a very important part of the decoration. Many decoration friends will not think about the purchase of ceramic tiles and cause unnecessary trouble. At the moment, there are various varieties and batches on the ceramic tile market, which is dazzling. So what is the right way to buy ceramic tiles? Home decoration must be environmentally friendly and of good quality. However, some friends are not clear about the precautions for selecting ceramic tiles. What should be paid attention to when choosing ceramic tiles? Take a look at how to buy tiles so that you will not be deceived.

   1. The price of the selected tiles is closely related to your budget:    The price of tiles can range from a few dollars per square meter to hundreds of dollars per square meter. It is generally recommended to use 50.00-90.00/square for the kitchen and bathroom. The labor cost of tiles is 40/square. If you buy tiles below 35, it would be a waste of cement. The living room is recommended to be above 80.00/square, and the quality is guaranteed.  Second, clear where tiles need to be laid: kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room or bedroom   Three, clear the type of brick you choose: this is related to the overall style of the home: pastoral, modern and simple style.  The pastoral styles are mostly: matte tiles are the main (matt interior walls + antique tiles), modern and simple styles: bright tiles are the mainstay, interior wall tiles + polished tiles. Fourth, make clear the specifications of the bricks you choose:    The commonly used decking tile specifications for kitchen + bathroom walls are: 300*450 or 300*600 (something to note: at this moment, the cheapest outdoor wood deck tiles has low density and high water absorption rate, and it will change color after a period of time. , It turns yellow and dirty, and it is easy to crack, so if you are self-occupied, it is recommended not to choose too cheap bricks, at least medium). Things are rare and expensive. If you want to use other specifications of the opposite sex, you can pay a little more. This material is more expensive, and the labor cost is also higher (if you don’t have a lot of budget and the appearance requirements are not very high, I feel that Practical and environmentally friendly, it can save some expenses).   Floor tiles: Because of the slope of the bathroom floor, it is easy to drain the floor drain. It is best to use small-size tiles, 300*300 or less than 300. It is best to use matte tiles. The price of floor tiles ranges from more than 10 pieces/square to more than 800/square. It is necessary to think about anti-slip and wear resistance. It is recommended to use more than 60.00/square, because the bathroom area is generally not between 3-8 square. This is a once-and-for-all thing (we still have to deduct the deduction, when it is generous, we still have to be generous, and we can't try to make a small bargain and toss again after a few years).   General balcony can use 300*300; 600*600 for living room below 30 square meters, 800*800 for living room above 30 square meters to see the atmosphere.   Tips on how to buy tiles without being deceived is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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