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What should we do with ceramic tile have Nick?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-21

as we all know, ceramic tile is the valuables, if daily accidentally damaged and also not handled properly can cause serious consequences, especially to get scratches, outdoor ceramic tile should be handled in time, this small make up to make a brief introduction of how to deal with the ceramic tile scratches, hope can help you!

processing method of ceramic tile have Nick

in general, the ceramic tile scratches in life is divided into two kinds, one kind is ceramic tile scratches, structure damage on the surface of the ceramic tile, clean the floor surface after no trace. Another kind is the floor tile metal scratch, such as nails or sharp iron will outdoor wood deck tiles surface scarification, formation damage tile scratches, scratches, after removing the floor tile to repair, or dirty, soon to form a black scratch mark, it is less easy to fix.

general floor tile is used to repair the scratches of ceramic tile, granite floor tiles fixing agent with brush touch repair agent in stroke scratch aperture place, besmear again 30 minutes after the stroke, repeat after drying, has always had a glance to see scratches from the side, after such treatment can make the floor tile scratches to keep clean for a long time; Deep cuts tile scratches also can use grinding machine polishing, but be careful polishing, otherwise there will be a pit or outdoor wood deck tiles face greater damage, if no luster, wider scratches, so the appearance will be discounted.

if your floor is scratched, such as metal hard objects to handle more difficult, because the metal of push and pull of small, high pressure, can make the trace of metal surface infiltration, difficult to clean, easy to use acid surface damage, if it is a heavy metal push-pull scratches, scratches will be hard to remove the floor tile on, in order to be able to save more quickly remove the metal scratches on the floor, can use first immerse 3 minutes and then wash detergent, floor tile cleaner and metal scratches will be loose after decomposition reaction, stained with cleaner is a bit hard with a wet towel to wipe, clean such as new outdoor wood deck tiles surface immediately, will not have an impact on the floor surface, gloss won't have any change.

this is this issue about how to handle the entire content of the ceramic tile scratches, want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on the website!

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