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What should pay attention to ceramic tile shop with

by:JIABANG     2020-12-04

now often see some customers to refund without using the ceramic tile, it is found that some can't return, because ceramic tile is soaked in water. Manufacturers or merchants are generally not return now, if have used up the ceramic tile that will cause unnecessary waste, these problems are all we need to pay attention to, so ceramic tile shop with what to pay attention to?

1, how much we need to use bubble, how much to the construction and bubble, don't finish all one-time bubble, bubble water want to combine the construction progress of the workers. 2, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck its good platoon brick many construction workers is a get brick is spread, however, spread to a certain extent found such as ceramic tile brick row of the result is bad, the proportion not harmonious, and remove the shop is stuck, and cause unnecessary loss and waste. Advice: prepare before the shop is stuck brick row plan. 3, correct selection of cement mark and deployment of the mixing ratio of cement sand come into contact with a lot of friends reflecting cracking the case of ceramic tile, some of which is that caused by improper due to the mixing ratio of cement sand or cement mark caused by too high, the proportion of cement, the strong bonding force of ceramic tile, brick can quickly touch tightly, but the cement mixing ratio is high, the coefficient of expansion of cement mortar is big, easy to cracked outdoor wood deck tiles after the shop is stuck. Suggest, the proportion of the wall brick is 1:3, granite floor tiles is: 1:2, cement cement label is 32. 5, cement. 4, machining need to be careful, ceramic tile ceramic tile to be careful when special wall outdoor wood deck tiles in touch Yang Angle, edge grinding have to be careful, don't destroy the glaze layer of ceramic tile, link pay attention to the gap, not too small. 5, when in the treatment of the flue or wall of build by laying bricks or stones wall must standardize processing to build by laying bricks or stones wall cannot do metope material use big core board ( All know that is not possible; but now construction workers often such processing, so as the owner must pay attention to) , tile to tile arch peeling and cracking. 6, ceramic tile seam is not too small ceramic tile seam is too small easy to reduce the service life of the ceramic tile, decking tile glaze cracked when after heat bilges cold shrink. Advice: whether a seam or seamless ceramic tile or ceramic tile, when construction must pay attention to the seam. 7, let workers found in the construction of ceramic tile to timely notice of this problem is now the decoration company in the construction of doing more bad of the place, when meet this kind of situation, especially the material is not the time for their recommendations, tend to continue construction, actually this is completely irresponsible. Wait to spread good after all, you found a problem, handle is more trouble, contractor and material side each other believe, finally rework, this process will cost a lot of energy and financial resources. Therefore, when construction, want to clear tell workers, discovery problem, timely notification. Suggestion: in order to avoid the emergence of this situation, it is best to find problem timely informed, can ask sellers with quality appraisal, don't put off things until the last finish construction to solve later. 8 and caulking best ceramic tile of the reentry after dry solid jointing now many of the workers is in ceramic tile shop good start immediately after jointing, such treatment is very inappropriate, because ceramic tile is not completely dry solid, in the process of jointing, easy to cause loose tiles, late can cause ceramic tile fall off, stay safe hidden trouble. Suggestion: after ceramic tile jointing in ceramic tile dry solid. General anytime after 24 hours. 9, wall in front of the tile to clean up some irresponsible metope brick of the wall construction group in the shop is stuck, shaved the wall putty, wall tile, tile directly, without will be bored with child off the safe hidden trouble that it is very big, because the cement strength big, would cement on the putty, easy to cause the loss of ceramic tile. It is also very unsafe! Suggestion: must be in front of the tile inspection on metope, if there is a crack wall must first processing, at the same time to metope to clean up. 10, decking tile in the shop is stuck protect, don't cut the tile, the surface contamination in the absence of dry solid outdoor wood deck tiles surface, make metope paint, coating the ground does not use protective film is in the process of construction such as often happens, that will damage to ceramic tile. shop with what to pay attention to is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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