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What should I pay attention to when laying tiles on the floor drain?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-16
What should I pay attention to when laying tiles on the floor drain? (1) Construction tools: In addition to the commonly used tools for plastering, the following tools should be prepared: knife, wood, shovel, hand hammer, alloy steel drill bit, cutting machine, etc. (2) Construction preparation: base treatment, the basic surface of the paving decorative corner should have sufficient stability and rigidity, the residual mortar, dust and oil stains on the basic surface should be cleaned with steel wire, and the surface of the painted wall should be washed with The paint surface should be treated with the material, and the obvious uneven parts on the surface of the substrate should be smoothed in advance or leveled with a 1:3 cement mortar. Soaking: Before paving with cement and mortar, clean the outdoor ceramic tile first, and then soak them in clean water for no less than 2 hours, soak them until they don't absorb water, and then take them out to dry in the shade. Do not pave them while soaking. If you use 903 or 933 glue to paste the wall tiles, the tiles must not be soaked in water. Pre-arrangement: pre-arrangement should be carried out before paving. When prearrangement, pay attention to the horizontal and vertical arrangement of the same wall. There should be no more than one row of non-whole bricks. Method: Use the joint width to adjust the row of bricks. If the design of indoor paving tiles is not specifically determined, the joint width can be adjusted between 1-1.5MM. In the load-bearing parts of pipelines, lamps and sanitary equipment, the whole outdoor wood deck tiles set shall be used to cut and fit, and non-whole bricks shall not be used for paving to ensure the beautiful finish. (3) Paving: The granite floor tiles is laid in accordance with the indoor standard horizontal line, and the ground elevation is found, leveled with a level, and constructed with a slurry of cement and fine sand 1:1; wall tiles need to be pasted with a level and plumb Measure the horizontal and vertical control lines, and then use a slurry of cement and fine sand 1:1 for construction or use 903 glue for pasting. (4) Finishing: Approximately 48 hours after the paving is completed, use white cement or a special tile trenching agent to clean and clean. The above is the related introduction of floor drain granite floor tiles paving. There are certain methods for laying tiles on the floor drain floor, as long as the above methods are used to lay the tiles. A good-looking bathroom must be built on the condition of neat tile laying. However, after mastering the above methods, will you still be afraid of improper tile laying?
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