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What should I do if the tiles are tilted up?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-24
Many homes should have seen floor tiles cocked, and many decorators don’t know why. In fact, many of them are caused by thermal expansion and contraction, so let's take a look at the solutions for tile tilting. The reason why the floor tiles are tilted 1. The expansion gaps reserved between the floor tiles and the walls around the floor tiles are too narrow! When the room temperature changes drastically, the floor, cement layer and ceramic tiles will expand and contract due to heat, such as the gap is too thin. If there is not enough space for the tiles to 'stretch2. When laying floor tiles, the cement and yellow sand were not mixed in the correct ratio. If the cement grade is low and the yellow sand is put a lot, the cement in the lower layer will not be able to stick to the floor tiles over a long period of time, causing the floor tiles to upturn. 3. If the original cement floor is very smooth, the floor tiles are also prone to arching if the floor tiles are laid without roughening. If it is a small area of u200bu200bwarping, it is recommended to use tile glue for partial repair, but if the area of u200bu200bthe warping hollow drum is relatively large, it is better to reattach all of it. The following is the detailed repair method: 1. First pry the loose and warped tiles off the wall. 2. Clean the base surface of the part where the hollow drum falls off. 3. Spread the prepared tile glue evenly on the back of the tiles, and scrape out stripes with a special toothed spatula. 4. Knead the tiles lightly on the hollow part, and then use a hammer to strike and fix them. 5. After 24 hours of finalization, you can proceed to the next step of filling the joints. However, if the area of u200bu200bthe hollow drum is relatively large, in order to completely solve the problem of the hollow drum falling off, it is recommended that professional workers re-lay it: The large area of u200bu200bthe tile is warped and falling off, which affects normal life use, and the repairing procedures are more complicated. Taking into account that the formal renovation contract clearly stipulates that the renovation project is guaranteed for 2 years, if a large area of u200bu200bwall and floor tiles are warped or peeled off during the renovation warranty period in the consumer's home, they should seek the decoration company to re-pile or pay compensation as soon as possible. Consumers beyond the warranty period should also contact professional workers for handling. The specific method needs to remove the original tiles in the warped or hollow area, remove the original cement mortar layer, clean the base layer, and reapply the cement mortar, and pave new tiles. If the old tiles can no longer be used, consumers need to provide new tiles, and consumers should be prepared for this.
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