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What should I do if the glaze of the tiles is damaged?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22
During the use of ceramic tiles, damage to the surface of the tiles may occur, which will have a great impact on the effect of tile paving. Is there any way to repair it? The editor below does some of the following for common tile damage Introduction to coping methods. The cracks on the glaze surface of the ceramic tiles are caused by the phenomenon of hygroscopic expansion in the later stage of the ceramic products. Because of the large water absorption rate of the interior wall tiles, the green body absorbs moisture in the air and expands, while the glaze layer basically does not expand, so that the green body There is stress between the glaze layer and the glaze surface will crack when the stress exceeds a certain limit. On the other hand, if the bonding layer selected for construction is improper, the proportion of cement, sand, and water is not appropriate, the stress generated by the volume change during the curing process exceeds the bearing capacity of the glazed tile, which will cause the glazed tile to crack or severely crack. What should I do if the glaze of the tiles is damaged? The glaze surface of the ceramic tile is worn and repaired by the following methods: 1. First, reduce the water absorption rate of the glazed tile, improve the formula of the glaze, and increase the elasticity of the glaze; when paving, use cement and fine sand, and use some coarser sand as appropriate. It can increase the rate of water volatilization and reduce the shrinkage tension during curing; 2. Pave money to keep the wall moist, and the tiles are fully immersed in water (which can reduce the adsorption of cement. The solidification of cement slurry in the bricks will cause a long time to the glazed surface. Strong pulling force can also cause glaze cracking), so the quality of ceramic tiles is very important. It is recommended to buy big brands, and the quality is guaranteed. 3. If the glazed wall tiles are scratched, you can use fine sandpaper to moisten the outdoor wood deck tiles surface carefully, and you can get some effects. Be sure to dip it in water. This method can achieve good results for small scratches on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface. If the glaze of the ceramic tile is worn, the following treatments should generally be done: (1) The float on the surface of the ceramic tile should be cleaned, and it is best to rinse with high-pressure water. (2) Repair and repair the damaged parts first. (3) Use an electric grinding wheel to grind the surface of the ceramic tile a little to increase the roughness. (4) Use special ceramic tile surface adhesive or new elastic putty to scrape the tile gaps, and then flatten the tile gaps in several passes. If necessary, add alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh composite ceramic tile refurbished putty to scrape the surface of the old decking tile according to the adhesion between the ceramic tile and the base layer. (5) Make the separation seam treatment according to the construction requirements, and use the above-mentioned materials to directly scrape or roughen the wall surface. After the above-mentioned materials are dried, full batches of flexible water-resistant putty 1-2 times are used to level the wall surface. After the leveling layer is dry, paint with water-based exterior wall paint or solvent-based exterior wall paint according to the design requirements. (6) If the wall tiles appear to be cracked or uneven, they need to be replaced and repaired. Carefully break the tiles to be replaced (not too much attention), and then pry the tiles around and take out the tiles that need to be replaced. After downloading, just patch it up again. If the bricks are not attached for a long time and the cement on the wall is not completely dry, you can carefully pry off the cement and paste it with grout. If it takes a long time and the cement is completely dry, you can use a special Tile viscose paste (tiles are more sold in major building materials markets or supermarkets).
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