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What's the feature of archaize ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-27

always in our life, we will come into contact with many kinds of tiles, which we also heard of archaize ceramic tile, but archaize ceramic tile but we don't know, what are the characteristics of archaize ceramic tile?

1, the archaize ceramic tile is evolved from CaiYouZhuan, actual archaize ceramic tile is glazed porcelain tiles. Archaize ceramic tile belongs to the ordinary ceramic tile, the so-called antique is refers to the effect of outdoor wood deck tiles, archaize ceramic tile has the advantage of high strength, wear resistance, and prevent slippery, corrosion resistance, its characteristic is through the classical unique charm attracts the attention of the people, build a very nostalgic feeling. 2, archaize ceramic tile belongs to the ordinary decking tile, and ceramic tile basic is the same, the difference is in the process of firing, archaize ceramic tile imitation style do old before, is essentially glazed porcelain tiles, classical with unique charm attracts the attention of the people, to reflect the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, archaize ceramic tile by style, color, design, build a nostalgic atmosphere. Archaize ceramic tile is from CaiYouZhuan evolution, and the disk is basically the same, the so-called antique, refers to the effect of the brick, should call the effect of archaize ceramic tile, it is not difficult to clean. 3, more slippery; Archaize ceramic tile surface via high temperature direct fire and into, unlike polishing outdoor wood deck tiles surface after polishing treatment, so it's bigger than the surface friction coefficient, in use process, especially under the condition of ground water, archaize ceramic tile polishing outdoor wood deck tiles relatively more slippery. 4, easy to clean; Archaize ceramic tile surface with antifouling glaze density, and directly through polishing processing, polishing brick is full-bodied green brick surface easy ooze water seepage pollution, even increased the pure bright technology, using 2 - Three years later will look bleak, surface rendering lately, need polishing care again. And matte brick won't appear these problems, falls on the ground of the stolen goods, can easily get clean and leave no stains, thus greatly facilitate the family or public health clean. What's the feature of archaize ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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