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What problems will occur after marble tiles are on the wall

by:JIABANG     2021-07-25
What problems will occur after marble tiles are placed on the wall? Nowadays, many people use marble tiles when decorating, so today I will tell you what problems will occur when marble tiles are installed on the wall. 1. The hollow drum falls off: the main reason is that the bonding material is not sufficient and the grassroots treatment is not clean. The bonding thickness should be controlled between 7-10 mm, not too thick or too thin. When pasting, make the tile and the bottom layer stick densely, and you can tap it lightly with a wooden hammer. When hollowing occurs, remove the marble tiles, shovel off the original bonding mortar, and repair with cement mortar. 2. Discoloration: In addition to poor decking tile quality and incorrect use of different color products, improper operation methods are also important factors. The glued cement mortar should use pure sand and cement, and the residual mortar on the brick surface should be cleaned up at any time during operation. Bricks with larger color changes should be renewed. 3. Uneven joints: the main reason is the difference in outdoor wood deck tiles specifications and improper construction. The standard points must be pasted during construction, and the standard points should be based on the ruler. Each line should be checked with the ruler horizontally and vertically after pasting each line, and corrected in time. If the joint exceeds the allowable error, the tiles should be removed in time and reworked. The above are a few problems that will occur after the marble tiles arranged by the editor are put on the wall. I hope that you can know how to solve this problem when you encounter this kind of problem in the future.
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