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What problems should be paid attention to when tiling tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-08
What issues should be paid attention to when tiling tiles? Tile tiling is also a technical job. If it is not good enough, it is not only unsightly but also not practical. So today I will tell you what issues you need to pay attention to when tiling tiles. 1. If you are laying floor tiles, you need to pay attention to the plumbing before laying the tiles. Because the exposed sewer pipe will not only affect the appearance, but also make a loud noise when the water is discharged, so be sure to ensure it before laying the tiles. In order to reduce the noise of the water, you can wrap the drain pipe with sound-proof cotton, and then build it with bricks. 2. If you are laying tiles in the kitchen and bathroom area, you need to pay attention to waterproof treatment. Moreover, after the tiles are waterproofed, they cannot absorb water, so tile glue should be used to reinforce the tiles when laying the tiles, so that the tiles will not fall off. 3. The order of tiling tiles in home decoration is to paste the wall first, then the floor, first pave the interior and then pave the door, and wait for the paving to dry before stepping on it. The above are some of the issues that we need to pay attention to when tiling tiles, I hope you will pay more attention to your homework.
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