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What methods of archaize ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2021-01-26

all the time since, as you know, archaize decking tile is very good, so there are a lot of the one you like, in general the owners choose archaize decking tile, all want to know how to choose a good ceramic tile, the archaize ceramic tile of choose and buy method have?

1, knowledgeable people to see whether the water absorption, may affect the archaize ceramic tile easy clean process. It is also very important. Bibulous rate is the product with high density low, unfavorable use where frequent activities, so as to avoid absorbing water after fouling cleaning; Bibulous rate the products with low density is high, has the very high moisture-proof anti-pollution ability. 2, prevent slippery degree is also very important, is divided into five degrees, from low to high. Is also very important. Five belongs to super non-slip degrees, is generally not used for home decoration. Domestic outfit bricks at once to choose between four degrees. Directly affect the service life of archaize ceramic tile, suggests that the inner quality of crisp, out of shape not easily broken, draw a glazed outdoor wood deck tiles under use hard objects will not leave a mark. 3, is don't be some color, can according to intuitive judgment. You have to understand it. See whether a group of outdoor wood deck tiles color, luster, texture generally consistent, can be well split together, natural color difference is small, neat size is the top grade. What methods of archaize decking tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on ceramic tile brand for details.

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