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What methods nursing ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-04

now a lot of families are decorating the ground of the building, are all can choose decking tile to decorate the house, it also can enhance the overall aesthetic of the interior. For ceramic tile floor maintenance and care is to pay attention to methods, so ceramic tile how care?

with the acid cleaning besmirch appear a lot of people see the brick to besmirch, with acid cleaning besmirch, so the outdoor wood deck tiles surface corrosion lose luster, sometimes still inside the outdoor wood deck tiles surface stains. Sometimes the stain with acid clean, but will soon get dirty, permeability dirt more easily. With acid to remove stain is a fast and effective method, but the permeability dirty especially vitreous ceramic tile polishing brick as far as possible need not or instruction by professionals use above, otherwise easy to damage the burnish of ceramic tile. If ceramic tile dirty stain to determine what, if is the surface of cement or other stains can be removed with weak acid. If the stain is seeped into ceramic tile internal micro hole, can choose professional cleaners, the important thing is not damage the glossiness of polishing brick, and the seepage pollution clean immediately after doing high quality anti-fouling processing, prevent the recurrence of brick surface seepage pollution. Open the window to speed up the drying speed we can see on many decorate experience, metope brick after the shop is stuck to open the window to speed up the drying. But misses the point, however, ceramic tile also should pay attention to lock in moisture. Tile dry, not only to the water, and more importantly must lock the moisture, to ensure that water is not lost. Shop sticks ceramic tile after the best daily on top has been paved tiles with some water, but avoid water. Keep the ground wet, so can maintain 4 - 6 days are the best. Random wax polishing brick surface need as everybody knows, but not all the ceramic tile of wax. Many of the owners because of the lack of professional knowledge, wax thought can better protect the ceramic tile, but don't know the ceramic tile of maintenance made a mistake. Especially for bo changes a brick, found with long bo changes a brick surface yellowing have besmirch, waxing again immediately, instead of the original dozen wax, such meetings make wax to bo changes a brick lose luster. Daily clean and protect bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, to sweep the granite floor tiles all stains thoroughly clean first, if you have any glue or sticky dirty, available neutral agent with a microfiber cloth to wipe clean. Bo changes a brick to wax, must use water dewaxing agent to the surface, 10 - After 15 minutes, water spilt wetland surface, remove old wax. Clean, then according to the steps to maintain the normal waxing. how care is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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