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What methods can be used to buy bedroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-12

  The choice of bedroom floor tiles affects the overall beauty of the home environment and the comfort of mood, so be careful when choosing bedroom floor tiles. So what methods can be used to buy bedroom tiles? The editor summarized the following four points for your reference.

  1. Look at the flatness of the floor tile surface   Many customers will deliberately ask the customer service about the flatness when they are preparing to buy bedroom floor tiles. In fact, there are two aspects to the unevenness of the surface of the decking tile after it is laid. One is the craftsmanship of the decoration master; the second is the quality of the decking tile itself. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the decoration before proceeding.  2. Use a sharp blade to scrape the surface of the granite floor tiles    to see if the glaze layer on the surface of the floor tile will be scraped off. If you can't bear such a small scratch, it can be concluded that this tile is not a good partner that can accompany us for a long time. 3. Assess the stain resistance of the tiles. It is very simple to do an anti-fouling test. You only need to write the words 'here to visit' on the surface of the bedroom floor tiles. Wait a while for the ink to dry and see if it is easy to clean off. For ink, I suggest you choose another one. 4. The water absorption rate of pour water treatment reflects the density of the tiles, and indirectly also reflects the hardness of the tiles, but one thing needs to be noted, the water absorption rate of the floor tiles is not as low as possible. It is divided according to its purpose. , You can choose moisture-proof floor tiles to solve this problem.   What methods can be used to purchase bedroom tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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