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What kind of tiles are good for the wall of the living room?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31

Many owners will ask how they should choose when tiling tiles on the wall. In fact, in the editor's opinion, this is a rather sophisticated question. When tiling tiles on the wall, we need to consider the coordination of our surrounding environment, the fit of our own style, and so on. Let me organize some information about wall tiles for everyone.

What kind of tiles should I put on the wall in the living room?

Choose the graphics of the tile background wall according to your favorite style, such as localized style, European and American style, non-mainstream style and so on. You can also make your favorite pictures into the background wall you want.

As the highlight of the living room decoration, the decking tile background wall can reflect the owner's taste and artistic self-cultivation, so how to choose the TV background wall and material is very important, and the decking tile TV background wall can help you solve this problem. Sound insulation and heat insulation protect the walls and block toxic gases. Safe and not easy to damage. Convenient construction. Easy to clean, just use water and dry cloth.

How to tile the living room wall?

1. Use a hammer to draw a vertical line.

2. Mix cement and sand in a ratio of 1:3 to form cement mortar, use a trowel to make a base on the wall, and smooth it thoroughly.

3. The stakeout area is determined by the size of the tiles.

4. At the visual height, set the horizontal line, and the length is a multiple of the tile size.

5. Use the ink fountain to eject the reference line per unit construction area.

6. Take 1:1 cement mortar (must use sieved fine sand), add a small amount of latex paint such as 107 glue, add water and stir to make a paste. Or use 903 glue to paste.

7. Use a toothed trowel to spread the slurry evenly on the wall, and use a toothed trowel to scrape out wavy stripes on the smoothed slurry.

8. Starting from the horizontal line, start tiling up or down, tap the tile with a rubber hammer to make it eat the pulp.

9. If necessary, a tile cutter can be used to cut tiles of appropriate size to facilitate construction.

10. You can directly adjust the level and vertical of the tiles by hand or hammer handle until the whole wall is covered.

11. Fill gaps with caulking materials. After caulking, wipe the tiles with a sponge dipped in clean water.

12. Mix the cleaning agent with clean water and clean the tiles thoroughly.

The above are some of the issues that need to be considered about wall tiles organized by the editor for everyone. There are still many aspects to consider when choosing, I hope everyone will think more , So as to avoid errors.

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