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What kind of tiles are better for the living room

by:JIABANG     2021-06-10
The living room is the common area of u200bu200bthe room, and it is also an important area of u200bu200bthe room, so the choice of floor tiles is very important. 1. The specifications of polished tiles If the living room area exceeds 30 square meters, you should choose 80*80 tiles, which are smaller than this area, 60*60 specifications or less, but not less than 40*40. Large size can make the room spacious and stylish, with a wide view. However, if large-size tiles are laid on the ground with a small area, the size of the room will be inconsistent. It is like a thin person wearing a large dress. On the contrary, if small-size tiles are spread on a large area, it will appear indoor. Crowded and cumbersome. In short, shoes that fit your feet are good shoes. Secondly, the color is the requirement of the room is spacious and bright, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, the general light color is suitable, such as white, light beige, solid color or slightly pattern. For owners with high hygiene requirements, choosing a pure color can better reflect the owner’s elegance, but it takes more time and Energy, because pure colors are not resistant to dirt and need to be cleaned frequently. For those owners who are busy at work and willing to spend their free time on sleeping, surfing the Internet, etc., it is best to choose slightly patterned or granular tiles. Next is the material. It is better to choose vitrified fossil because it is wear-resistant, bright and easy to clean. Some people like to use antique bricks, which are rich in color and reflect their individuality, but the color is often heavy and cleaning is also difficult. Stone is best not to be used, because not only the cost of stone is high, the color is single, but most of the stone is radioactive, and the surface finish and wear resistance are also very low. They are often used in large areas of public places. 3. It is best not to embellish the floor of the living room. Simplicity and smoothness are the eternal theme. Metaphysical view and parquet are both outdated superfluous superfluous-usually the bad ideas of the decoration company. Skirting is to be made, because the wall is generally made of paint, and the part where the paint connects to the ground is often in contact with the feet of the living room furniture and human feet, which is easy to get dirty and damaged, and it is made of vitrified bricks. The skirting can avoid this problem and make the living room more beautiful. The upper end of the foot line should be ground into a quarter arc or 45 degree bevel, and the machined surface should be polished.
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