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What kind of tiles are better for the living room?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-10
The choice of ceramic tiles is very important to the decoration of the whole family, especially the choice of living room tiles. The floor tiles are paved, which can make the houses with poor lighting become beautiful. The living room shows the main decoration style of a home and is the main place for people to receive guests. Therefore, the choice of living room tiles must also be considered to match the decoration style. Therefore, you must be cautious when decorating the living room. The above several living room tiles use the whole body marble and marble tiles of Yinuo Ceramics. These two types of tiles are commonly used in living room paving. The decoration comes out with warm colors and cool colors, and the effect of the paving will be very different for different colors. So when we buy living room tiles, we need to choose the color first. There are many colors of living room tiles, but the most popular ones are only a few: matte, white, yellow, light beige, brown and so on. The matt tiles give people the feeling that they are a kind of softness in the vision, and will not reflect dazzling light; white looks clean and atmospheric, and it is also a versatile color; beige makes the home very warm, creating a warm family Environment; the coffee color feels very comfortable, looks very grand and high-grade. Second, the choice of size There are two popular specifications in the living room tile market, 600*600 and 800*800. Of course, there are some other specifications of 1 meter, 300, etc. So how should we choose tiles with so many specifications? Choose according to the area of u200bu200bthe paving and the placement of the furniture. As the number of 600mm bricks per unit area is larger than that of 800mm bricks, it can visually create a sense of space expansion. At the same time, the waste rate when paving the corners is lower than 800mm bricks, and when the space is large, pave 800 Even bricks of 1 meter size appear to be atmospheric. Therefore, it is recommended to choose 600mm floor tiles for spaces less than 40 square meters; and 800mm or one meter floor tiles for spaces greater than 40 square meters. It is worth noting that if there is too much furniture in the room (such as a bedroom), it is best to use 600mm floor tiles when covering a large floor. Third, decoration is a very time-consuming task, and we all hope that it can be used once and forever. Because if the tiles are not selected properly and there are quality problems, it will be particularly troublesome to repair or replace them. Therefore, when we choose ceramic tiles, we should choose a good brand of ceramic tiles, and the product quality and service are guaranteed. So what kind of tiles are generally better for the living room? This is mainly determined according to the style you are going to decorate. Paving tiles are mainly divided into two categories, bright and matt. The most typical matt bricks are antique bricks and full-body antique bricks. The style belongs to the retro style. There are relatively few people using this type of tiles. Bright tiles, this type of tile is the most used, and the types of tiles are also the most, including full polished glaze, super flat glaze, marble tile, whole body marble and so on.

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