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What kind of prevent slippery floor tile points?

by:JIABANG     2020-03-28
< p> floor tile on the market a very wide range, variety of floor tile of name and name are also different. Has the following several kinds roughly: < / p> < p> < / p> < p> glazed pottery: refers to the surface of the brick with the ceramic tile glaze layer. This brick can be divided into two categories: one is the use of clay firing, the low strength brick. Bibulous rate is large, in decorating a process is not much; Another kind is made of porcelain clay fire becomes. Glaze surface, good chemical properties. Is widely used in residential floor decoration. Use visual also can see the difference between these two kinds of glazed pottery, clay fire bricks of the back is red, and the back of China clay firing glazed pottery is used is white. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> body brick: this is a not glazed porcelain tiles, have very good skid resistance and abrasion resistance. We usually say 'prevent slippery brick mostly body brick'. Is popular with everybody. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> polishing brick, brick that becomes polishing brick after polishing treatment. A class is higher than the brick brick. This kind of brick hardness is very high, very wear-resisting. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> bo changes a brick: this is a kind of porcelain tiles by the high temperature burn becomes. A class is higher than polishing brick senior floor tile. This kind of floor tile is a kind of hard ceramic tile of all. Combined with bo changes a brick of specular reflection on the surface of the excellent results, therefore, choose the brick more decoration effect. This kind of floor tile price also is higher, generally used in house decoration is not much. Floor tile of wall of generally refers to outdoor ceramic tile. It has the advantages of waterproof, wear-resisting, easy to clean, to damp or often needs to keep the space of health, to share such as kitchen, bathroom. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> stop slippery brick: stop slippery brick antiskid principle is based on the sintering temperature and preparation of blank corresponding non-slip base glaze, join corundum structure of the temperature of the alumina materials to adjust the firing glaze. Make smooth brick surface after cooling, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty uniform and prevent slippery, tiny dot of concave and convex glaze, so as to prevent slippery effect. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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