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What kind of good ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-18

some inexperienced people feel deep malice when buying ceramic tile, because of the variety of the ceramic tile on the market, and also has a lot of brand, the ceramic tile of seemingly almost always the price is not large, how should choose? This small make up is to popularize the ceramic tile which is really good for you, hope can help you to choose!

what kind of ceramic tile good hardness measurement:

buy ceramic tile is in fact a priority is to test the hardness of ceramic tile, after all to carry such a far journey, hardness is not enough halfway is broken. And the hardness is not enough can greatly shorten the service life of it. Therefore, everyone has obtained the consent of merchants, sharp objects of a hard ceramic tile are available, and there are no scratches that tile hardness is very good, can consider to purchase.

what kind of ceramic tile good watch appearance:

watch appearance also can see a the basic quality of ceramic tile. Try to look at the surface defects of ceramic tile, bubbles, impurities, etc. , then look at design is complete, have off color; Second look at the bottom of the cutting process, a good outdoor ceramic tile is not twisted, defects, and so on and so forth. After checking these, to observe its luster, firing temperature control is very good, outdoor ceramic tile can have uniform luster, very beautiful. On the other hand, the ceramic tile is dim, glossiness is poorer, the ceramic tile quality is bad.

what kind of ceramic tile good sound ceramic tile to knock:

ceramic tile must knock a few times before buying. According to general more ringing sound of voice to identify good or bad, is a good ceramic tile, dull or husky is ceramic tile. If there are any 'clicking' sound, says there is a crack ceramic tile, is can't buy. When choosing ceramic tile, ceramic tile can knock listen, is easy to tell. And good quality, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck when construction is very convenient, is not easy to appear loss, and the shop is stuck effect also is very beautiful.

it several points about all pass, the ceramic tile quality also not bad to what degree, but the small make up suggest first chosen more famous brand ceramic tile again for testing, so buy a poor quality of the probability of ceramic tile will be greatly reduced. Finally thank you for watching!

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