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What kind of ceramic tiles are good now, whether to choose ceramic tiles for bathroom decoration?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

Tile is the most important part of home decoration. When decorating the bathroom, not only the shower room products must be carefully selected, but also the ceramic tiles used must be carefully selected. For the ceramic tiles used in the bathroom, we all know that the first choice must be that the waterproof performance and anti-slip performance are very good. However, some families only blindly pursue aesthetics, ignoring these two points, resulting in the bathroom becoming a place full of hidden safety hazards. So how to choose?

1. White tiles are not suitable for use

Many families choose white tiles when decorating the bathroom. Does the white space really look like Is it cleaner?

Of course not! After the paving is completed, many owners find that white is very easy to get dirty. If you are lazy and do not clean it, the cleaning work in the future will be even more difficult. White tiles are not resistant to dirt, and small-sized tiles have large gaps, which are easy to contain stains, so they are not easy to be found during daily cleaning. Long-term accumulation will lead to a decline in sanitary conditions and even threaten people’s health. Healthy body.

Second, black tiles cannot be selected.

When you hear this, you all know that white tiles cannot be selected. Then choose black tiles? Actually it is not! Although the black tiles are resistant to stains, they greatly affect the overall aesthetics! Because black tiles are easy to be left in a hurry, especially in daily use, some water stains, stains, etc. will leave marks on the tiles, and even the footprints left by walking on them will also destroy the whole Aesthetics.

Three, uneven tiles are more troublesome to take care of

When we buy bathroom tiles, we must put anti-slip performance in the first place. Since the bathroom is a very humid place, people will easily slip to the ground, so non-slip tiles must be used. Some owners choose tiles with uneven surfaces to have a good anti-slip effect, but this kind of tiles is very troublesome to clean and requires you to pay more experience and time in the future. If you are not afraid of cleaning up trouble, this kind of tiles is also good.

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