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What kind of ceramic tile of choose and buy has a mistake

by:JIABANG     2020-12-14

for decking tile, we each decoration is essential, and it is use for many years in, so do you know about ceramic tile is really? Some choose ceramic tile of error occurs you have trod? of choose and buy is what kind of error, as consumers' you don't drop pit.

error 1: design and color is more to the new tide when ceramic tile of choose and buy, full of beautiful things in eyes of ceramic tile, especially glazed pottery design and color is rich, but as a kind of durable goods, a lot of people have such thoughts & other; Since decorate a is not easy, you just pick a special favorite color & throughout; To the quality of the product in the second place. This time, the individual is not standard brand will be to cater to consumer demand for design and color is to sacrifice the quality of our products and vicious competition. So, choose is very important to brand, personal advice to choose suitable for their own brand and high cost performance, not necessarily is a big brand, although the first-line brand quality, technology and service is good, but its advertising and other promotional cost is high, the actual cost on the brick you all too clear. Erroneous zone 2: discount promotion products, the quality is the aim of the ceramic tile of brand of discount discount is not quality problem. In fact, the brand ceramic tile to discounts products are more popular with the market products, merchants will mainly use this approach to brand publicity, due to this way of propaganda effect is very good, so to sacrifice a little profit space is also worth it. Actually, many of design and color is not picky customer, can use sales promotion to find oneself to like & other A bargain & throughout; 。 If the product produced for regular brand manufacturers, consumers can rest assured purchase. Myth 3: the more expensive the better quality the price of ceramic tile can not blindly with to draw equal-sign with quality. True, the good quality ceramic tile, the price will have a higher bottom line, but the price is influenced by many other factors, in addition to the popular fashion, design and color will affect the product price to some extent, the new technology and research and development, using the new equipment will increase the cost of the product. For the polishing brick, surface roughness also affect the price, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the product itself. Myth 4: glazed pottery that means not spread to many consumers, feel & other; Glazed tile & throughout; The surface hardness is not enough, don't wear resistance, so that it can't be choose this kind of brick as floor tile, will only choice scope of floor tile limitations in polishing outdoor wood deck tiles or bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, hardness is taller. Glazed tile is the surface with a layer of glaze firing, ceramic tile is not tower fire, thus its hardness, less body brick. However, there still exist. Because now the glazed tile divided into wall brick and granite floor tiles, brand ceramic tile salesman tend to remind consumers pay attention to distinguish. Myth 5: the color white, the better, some people think that ceramic tile of the white the better even think that the water absorption and intensity of ceramic tile and colour. Actually, whether white, black, color ceramic tile, is likely to affect the quality of ceramic tile itself, so rest assured bold when I was in choosing ceramic tile it is good to choose your favorite color! We only guarantee the quality of ceramic tile itself is no problem, bibulous rate is low. Above, is what kind of ceramic tile of choose and buy has a mistake, don't know what you have learned? Get away, hope after you read this article to buy ceramic tile will not be & other; Pit & throughout; ! , of course, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile problem can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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