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What kind of ceramic tile, ceramic tile of choose and buy tips?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-17
There are many different kinds of ceramic tile, ceramic tile has its own characteristics of different material, ceramic tile material exactly what? What kind of ceramic tile is good? Owner when decorating, want to choose to cost-effective building materials products, so in the ceramic tile of choose and buy from time to tome what skills? What matters need to pay special attention to when the choose and buy? Below small make up to you explain tile types and techniques of choose and buy, hope you can be a reference. What kind of good ceramic tile ceramic tile can be divided into general glazed tile, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, Mosaic and so on four categories. Polishing brick: simple texture, smooth, light outdoor wood deck tiles embryo surface material, same surface by polishing process, was not left in the polishing surface concave and convex wool stoma, easy infiltration of pollutants in the future. Some protective measures cannot solve the problem of the surface concave and convex wool stoma from the source. In addition, appeared more than 20 years texture of contracted design and color is a single polishing brick is becoming more and more can not meet the diversified needs. At the same time, because it is a burnt products twice, embryo and glass brick layer is not synchronous firing, so easy to appear when cut loss of edge cracking phenomenon. Mosaic, Mosaic is one of the oldest known adornment art, it is to use small ceramic tile or small pottery to create the pattern. In modern times, more it is to belong to a kind of ceramic tile, Mosaic, it is a kind of special existence way of brick, general by tens of piece small brick comprises an opposite big outdoor wood deck tiles. It takes the characteristics of small and exquisite, glow be widely used in, metope and ground of indoor small area the size outdoor metope and ground. Mosaic due to smaller, can make some puzzles, the gradient effect. If you have a big toilet, lighting effect is good, can choose, cleaning must be better than other ceramic tile. of choose and buy small tip 1, the anchor line contracted and fluent of the sitting room the anchor line adopts contracted and fluent design is the most suitable for the ground of the sitting room is decorated and porch and spelling a flower is outdated gild the lily. But the line that play a base is to do, because the wall is commonly used coating, the coating of parts into contact with the furniture in the sitting room of seed, are very easy to be dirty and damage, so some families will choose to use bo changes a brick production line that play a base, so it can avoid such a situation. Play crural line should be flush with the top of the ground into a quarter of the circular arc or 45 ° Angle, so that it can make the sitting room the anchor line of ceramic tile. 2, the color of ceramic tile to be quietly elegant as the sitting room in the home environment is the main activity place, the requirement of the interior is spacious and bright, can let a person feel relaxed and comfortable mind, so the general is the color of quietly elegant. Can choose a solid color such as white, light beige or slightly decorative pattern ceramic tile can show the requirement of the pure and fresh quietly elegant. Choose pure color also can reveal more out of the house owner's taste, but it takes time and effort is very much also, because of the pure color of ceramic tile is not strong in resistance to dirty, for those who are busy building owners, it is better to choose the ceramic tile with floral or texture of the particles, can also convenient owner daily care. 3, the material of ceramic tile should guarantee due to the sitting room is the place where people often gather, the ceramic tile of the sitting room on the choice of abrasion resistance is particularly important. The material of ceramic tile can choose glass is better, because this material decking tile in the resistance to wear, are relatively easy to clean. But it can also be like the ceramic tile of archaize brick, but archaize outdoor wood deck tiles bridging the gap is bigger, not practical in the sitting room, stains of easy and difficult to clean, and the color of archaize brick is heavy, cleaning fluid also has the certain difficulty, surface roughness and wear resistance are not very good. 4, selection of ceramic tile specifications in the sitting room of the specifications of the ceramic tile is in accordance with the size of the sitting room to sleep, if sitting room area of more than 30 square meters. You should choose 80 * 80 specifications of the ceramic tile, but less than 30 square meters of the sitting room, can choose ceramic tile of 60 * 60 specification, but also not less than 40 * 40 specifications. Large size ceramic tile shop is stuck in the sitting room, can make whole sitting room more comfortable is open, but if the ceramic tile of large size in a small area of the sitting room, can make whole sitting room on the collocation not harmonious, on the other hand, the shop is stuck in a large area of the sitting room of small size ceramic tile also can appear nondescript, so of the specifications of the ceramic tile in the sitting room still need to decide according to its area. Above is what kind of ceramic tile good related content is introduced, the hope will be helpful to you. To learn more about the knowledge of ceramic tile, please continue to pay attention to this website information.
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