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What is the whole porcelain tile? The choose and buy the whole porcelain tile technique

by:JIABANG     2020-10-21
We often use in household decorates to ceramic tile, ceramic tile on the market now type more and more diversified, we often hear the clerk introduce when buy porcelain tile, but what is the whole porcelain tile, a lot of friends is not clear. In order to facilitate everybody to buy, small make up to introduce the whole porcelain tile related knowledge. A, what is the whole porcelain tiles all ceramic tile is bibulous rate is less than or equal to 0. 5% of the ceramic glass, it is made of quartz sand, mud fired according to certain proportion to make and use abrasive polishing brightness, as bright as mirror surface is smooth, belongs to the category of the brick. In addition, bo changes a brick bibulous rate is less than or equal to 0. 5%, belong to complete ceramic tile. The clay body in the case of a certain pressure and temperature, the final out of the kiln ceramic tile behind with anti seepage water, even if the whole brick in the water will not water. Second, full porcelain tile how full porcelain tile colour is gorgeous, soft as a whole has no obvious color difference; High temperature sintering, im totally porcelain became mullite crystal, so the physical and chemical performance is stable, strong corrosion resistance, fouling resistance; Thickness is relatively thin, high flexural strength, with light outdoor wood deck tiles, building load reduction; Without adding harmful elements; Flexural strength, bibulous rate is low. But because of the porcelain tile water absorption, high density, the characteristics of high hardness, easy to cause cement not adhere to it, so can not be used as a wall outdoor wood deck tiles, can only be used for fill spread on the ground. Three, how to judge whether the whole porcelain tile a see: see section, section clearly divided into two layers, it is not the whole porcelain. 2 hear: with one hand dangling on the edge of ceramic tile or Angle, easy hanging down, another hand knock the middle ceramic tile, the decking tile of a vigorous and echo long ( Such as tapping the sound of the bronze) For the whole porcelain bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles. Three drops of water, because the whole porcelain granite floor tiles bibulous rate is low, the granite floor tiles, in turn, drops of water on the back, see water out after the infiltration speed, in general, the slower suction, show that the density of ceramic tile. Four phase modulation weight: full time to join the glazed porcelain tiles for processing, so ceramic tile is heavy, if you compare the ceramic tile of light, it is not full of porcelain. Five feet: ceramic tile is the higher the accuracy of the length, the better the effect after the shop is stuck, buy high quality ceramic tile is not only easy to construction, and can save time and materials. Every piece of ceramic tile is measured with a measuring tape around the size of the difference between, high precision for top grade. Conclusion: the small make up to introduce the definition of the porcelain tile, advantages, disadvantages and the judgment method, hope to help the choose and buy of you. If you want to learn more knowledge, I hope to be of help.
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