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What is the way to stick color tiles in the bathroom?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-02

   Nowadays, the design of tiles on the market is getting more and more exquisite, and it is difficult to decide when choosing. For the decoration of the bathroom, a large number of tiles are also needed. The color and texture of the bathroom tiles can present a sudden artistic beauty. Next, the editor will introduce how to paste the bathroom tiles and the matching skills of bathroom tiles. I hope you are satisfied with the decoration of the bathroom.

  How to paste bathroom tiles

  1. In order to adhere closely to the wall, the back of the decking tile is generally designed with lines. When the texture is relatively deep, it can ensure that the tiles and the cement mortar layer will not fall off even when they are partially separated. Therefore, sand should be selected as much as possible for the bathroom tile sand. The thicker the sand, the higher the strength of the cement mortar, but if the strength is too high, it will also lead to some bad results, such as cracks on the ground leveled with it.

  2. Before cladding the tiles, soak the tiles in water for more than 2 hours, and then take them out and dry them for later use. Wipe the 8mm thick 1:0.1:2.5 cement mixed mortar bonding layer, scrape it, and then paste the tiles from top to bottom. The mortar is required to be full. When the ash is lost, remove and reattach, and check the flatness with a ruler at any time. Ensure that the gap width is consistent.

  3. In order to avoid tile hollowing in the bathroom, the wall surface and ground base layer on which the tiles are applied must be cleaned. Be sure to remove all kinds of dirt on the wall, and wet the base with water one day in advance to control the humidity at 3070%. When placing the prepared cement mortar scraper on the back of the tiles, pay attention to the fullness and uniformity of the cement mortar without cutting corners.

  4. 2-5mm expansion joints should be reserved when laying tiles. If there are not enough expansion joints, under the action of thermal shock expansion or moisture expansion, the adjacent tiles may be stressed and squeezed, resulting in the phenomenon of hollow drum falling off. After pasting, the surface of the tiles should be clean, uniform in color, tightly caulked, consistent in depth, and there should be no alkali, stains, mortar flow marks, etc.

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