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What is the way to buy tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

   Driven by the development of the decking tile industry, there are more and more terminal stores, and product quality and service levels have risen. However, no matter how many products are on the market, if you don’t know anything about ceramic tiles, then it’s useless. Here’s how to buy ceramic tiles.

One look: the color of the tiles should be uniform, the surface smoothness and flatness should be good, the periphery should be regular, and the pattern should be complete. Take a few pieces out of the same box and compare whether there are color differences, deformations, missing corners, etc. defect.   Second listening: Tap with a hard object. The crisper the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can also clip a corner of the tile with your left thumb, index finger and middle finger and hang it down easily. Tap the middle and lower part of the tile with your right index finger. If the sound is clear and pleasing, it will be top quality, and if the sound is dull and muddy, it will be low quality. Three tests: put the water droplets on the back of the tile, and see how fast the water is infiltrated. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile and the better the quality; on the contrary, the faster the water absorption, the less the density and the better the quality. Not as good as the former.  Four quantities: The higher the accuracy of the side length of the tiles, the better the effect after paving. Buying high-quality tiles is not only easy to construct, but also saves man-hours and auxiliary materials. Use a tape measure to measure whether there is any difference in the size and periphery of each tile. The one with high accuracy is the top grade.   What is the method of buying tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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