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What is the way to buy bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-12

   Ceramic tiles, as an important material for home decoration, can not only enhance the overall sense of the interior space, but also make the space full of changes, especially for bathroom tiles. So what is the method of choosing bathroom tiles?

  1) Use the same color tone to enrich the sense of space and layering   If you prefer a certain color, you can also try to decorate the bathroom with tiles of the same color. As shown in the picture, the bathroom environment color uses a purpleish tender blue, and the wall surrounds a grayish blue as the transition, and at the same time wraps the periphery of the bathtub to enhance the spatial integration. The floor combines two colors, matched with mosaics to form the shape of the passage, together with the entrance and shower. The royal blue lockers under the sink are the focus of the bathroom, and the eye-catching colors emphasize the modern and stylish tone of the space.   If the environment color is the main body, then the transitional color is an indispensable embellishment. This space is biased towards gray and white as a whole, and the designer has developed the theme around these two colors: the use of gray inside emphasizes the lightness and comfort of the space, and brings out a sense of space transparency; the complex patterns on the ground and the similar black floor tiles want to reflect and deepen the bathroom. Artistic sense. The pattern on the bright white ceiling echoes the pattern on the ground, achieving the purpose of opening the depth of the space through the opposition of white and black.  2) Color block mix and match   Different tiles have different colors and patterns, and their decorative diversity meets the various creative needs of designers. A lot of creativity can be made with such small pieces of matte bricks. As shown in the figure, the collision of light and dark colors is full of fun. The main color is bright yellow small pieces of plain bricks. The waistline matched with diamond-shaped checkered tiles is like a belt, and paired with dark blue plain dress-like plain bricks, a youthful and lively atmosphere instantly infects the entire space. . The use of    color blocks is like people wearing clothes. What kind of clothes go with what kind of hats and shoes. When matching, you must pay attention to the coordination between colors. Like the decoration of this bathroom, people can’t help but think of the sea soul shirt: the top half of the wall is polka dot tiles like the collar, the blue and white vertical tiles are like pants, and the shoes are blue and blue combined with the waistline. The blue and white lattice of the ceiling and the wooden old-fashioned pattern lockers make the retro modern style really shine.   If you want to make your imagination more concrete, you can try this way, using a painting method to 'carve' a picture with mosaics on the wall. This post-modernist approach makes the bathroom space otherworldly.  3) Turn the complex into simple    This is the most popular design method nowadays, and it is suitable for any space you can think of. As shown in the bathroom decoration above, the bathroom is fully functional, divided into toilet seat, shower room, and dressing table. It is fully equipped and fully functional, which is enough to reflect the luxury of the bathroom. The most wonderful thing is that the overall decoration uses slightly rippled marble as the wall, and the natural texture of the texture becomes transparent and rich in layering through the illumination of light. For the ground, beige tiles were chosen, with small black bricks echoing the black elements of the dressing table, and the low-key luxury was born.   What is the purchase method of bathroom tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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