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What is the type of ceramic tile characteristic

by:JIABANG     2020-08-07

material outdoor ceramic tile is more common in our daily life, and the material is divided into many types, let's not get too clear, so what is the type characteristics of ceramic tile? To prevent slippery ceramic tile

the practicability of prevent slippery ceramic tile is very high, it can improve the safety of the daily walk, for children and the elderly are able to have more security, ceramic tile, as a kind of construction projects as well as the necessity of the construction of the indoor environment decoration, prevent slippery ceramic tile is received more and more attention, prevent slippery granite floor tiles of the market price is in the unit price of 20 yuan to one hundred yuan.

all glazed outdoor ceramic tile

this kind of product design and refined atmosphere, with a very good visual effect, to be able to fit a variety of family decorate a design, the other for the glazed ceramic tile cleaning job is simple, everyday is not easy with dust, etc. , many friends consider purchase of the ceramic tile of toilet will consider the product, the market price is in 30 yuan to two hundred yuan, common * 100 * 100 mm mm, 150 mm * 150 mm.

classic ceramic tile

classic ceramic tile design is able to accurately grasp the essence of traditional design aesthetics, and the overall design atmosphere, suitable for modern household environment design, still can rise to improving the quality of environmental design, delicate texture, high quality ceramic tile products on the market more common specifications have 300 mm * 600 mm, 400 mm * 800 mm, etc. , are generally are integers, and are zero or at the end of the five integers.


' topaz materials belong to high-end material selection, won the favour of many customers and praise, compared with other material, jing ya zhen topaz ceramic tile design, and the overall atmosphere noble, in the tradition of Chinese ancient jade culture, let whole indoor environment has a better visual expression, the market price is in one hundred yuan to one thousand yuan between.

rhombus ceramic tile

rhombus ceramic tile is considered to be one of the ceramic tile of classic style design, the market price is between 10 to 20, suitable for a variety of different door model design, but also on the market have all kinds of different color sheet is tasted, used to decorate toilet is a very good choice, common specifications have 100 mm * * 100 mm, 150 mm * 150 mm, etc.

what is the type characteristics of ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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