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What is the treatment method for scratches on fully polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18

  Tile is a good decoration material, and the laying of the floor or the inner wall is the main object to be cleaned, and the small scratches of the tiles that are not usually taken seriously will be fully visible. So some people will complain, why does this happen, the following editor will introduce what is the treatment method for scratches on polished outdoor ceramic tile?

   toothpaste + soft cloth toothpaste is really a magical thing. It can not only brush your teeth, but also deal with dirt and tile damage without pressure. Apply toothpaste to the scratches on the tiles and wipe with a rag, you will be surprised I found that the original scratches are gone, and the tiles are still beautiful~~  Nail polish or paint first clean the scratches on the tiles, then find some nail polish or paint with the same color as the tiles, and apply them evenly. The effect is It is also very good. Waxing to wax the tiles can have the effect of diminishing the scratches. After the surface of the tiles is cleaned, apply a layer of wax to the tiles to fill in some small gaps so that dirt will not easily penetrate, so that the The scratches are taken care of.  Oxalic acid   If the scratches have been found for a long time and are difficult to remove, you can use a rag to moisten a little oxalic acid, and then wipe it vigorously several times. This will have a better effect on repairing the scratches. Five cleansing powder or decontamination powder Use five cleansing powder or household decontamination powder, add a little water to make the scratched place on the surface of the tile moist, then gently rub the scratched granite floor tiles, and use a little after rubbing it off After wiping with glazing wax, you will find that the original scratches are magically restored. For floor tile repairing agent, use a brush dipped in the repairing agent to trace the scratches. After 30 minutes, paint again, and repeat again after drying, until the scratches are reflected from the side, so that you can not only repair the scratches after treatment. It can also keep the scratches on the floor tiles clean for a long time.  What is the scratch treatment method of fully polished glazed tile is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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