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What is the tile machine

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

  The current era is developing very fast, so all kinds of machines have come into being. Because the current labor cost for tiling tiles is quite high, a new type of high-tech tile tiling machine has been developed on the machine side. , Do you understand this stuff? Let's follow the editor to have a brief look! (Tile sticking machine)

   The tile sticking machine is a high-tech product that only appeared in the past few years. It can be said to represent the progress of the times and fill a gap in the construction industry in my country. It solves the problem of manual sticking Problems with tiles. The popularization and promotion of the products will make the traditional tile industry bid farewell to the era of pure hand tile, and make the construction industry enter a period of modern development in an all-round way.

   At present, its applicable range is quite wide. This equipment is an ideal equipment for sticking bricks on indoor and outdoor walls in residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, bathing and other places, and it is suitable for all kinds of Cement walls, brick-concrete walls, hollow walls, light outdoor wood deck tiles walls, non-burning outdoor wood deck tiles walls, etc. Because it is a machine, the applicable ash is also limited. They are: white sand ash, cement sand mix, cement powder, foamed mortar, dry powder mortar, gypsum, etc. The thickness of the mortar can be adjusted arbitrarily between 550mm, and can be customized according to customer needs if there are special requirements.

   So what should be the operation method?

   First of all, the tiles and mortar must be prepared before using the tile machine. The machine uses infrared positioning. First fix the position and place it from bottom to top. The walls in a room must be posted up at the same time. It is not possible to stick to the top one wall at a time.

   Check the integrity of the wall before tiling. Cracks and uneven areas should be repaired in advance. The original material of the wall is different. The mortar and adhesive used The proportions should also be adjusted appropriately so that the tiles attached can be flat and firm. The wall tiles need to be soaked in clean water and dried before being pasted. Use the suction cups on both sides of the machine to suck the tiles. After pasting, wait for the adhesive to solidify, and then fill in the small gaps in the middle.

   So this tile attaching machine is quite practical. If you are also worried about the trouble of asking workers to lay tiles, you can try this machine. I believe it will bring you no small surprises. ! Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Tile sticking machine)


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