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What is the selection method of fully polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-16

   Fully polished glazed tiles are the materials we hear more often. We sometimes use them during decoration, but fully polished glazed tiles also need to be selected to be good. So what is the method for selecting fully polished outdoor ceramic tile?

  1, look at the grade    It can usually be divided into 5 grades, the prices of different grades are different, and the quality difference between them is also relatively large. In terms of quality and price, superior products>first-class products>second-class products>qualified>unqualified. Therefore, when we are purchasing fully polished glazed tiles, we need to make careful comparisons, and don’t buy unqualified ones just because they are cheap. All glazed tiles are polished, so it is easy to have an impact on our health.  2, look at the size and size   when we choose, we can take a few pieces at will, pay attention to see if the size of the tiles of the same model and style are the same, whether the surroundings are flat, whether the thickness is uniform, etc. Generally good tiles have a thickness of 8 mm or more, and their enamel is thick and smooth. 3. Look at the patterns and colors. Generally speaking, a good quality polished glazed outdoor wood deck tiles has clear and beautiful patterns and patterns, fine workmanship, no obvious dislocation or disconnection, and its color is uniform. Different shades. We can put all polished glazes of the same type and model on a horizontal surface and observe the degree of color difference. The poor quality fully polished glazes have large color differences and obvious inconsistencies in depth.  What is the selection method of fully polished glazed tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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