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What is the role of tile glue

by:JIABANG     2021-07-11
What is the role of tile glue? In the tiles' target='_blank'>decking tile industry, I believe everyone has heard of tile glue, so today I will tell you what tile glue has. Tile glue is a polymer-modified cement-based tile glue, which is mainly divided into No. 1 tile glue (normal type), No. 2 tile glue (reinforced type) and No. 3 tile glue (larger size tiles or marble). No. 1 tile glue: suitable for the pasting of various floor tiles or small bricks on the wall with ordinary mortar surfaces. No. 2 tile glue: It has strong adhesion and anti-dropping performance, and is suitable for pasting on wall tiles and non-mortar surfaces such as wood board surfaces or old veneers that require greater adhesion. No. 3 tile glue: strong adhesion, more flexible, can resist the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the bonding layer, suitable for pasting tiles on gypsum board, fiberboard, plywood or old veneers (tiles, mosaics, terrazzo) ), etc., as well as the pasting of various stone plates of larger sizes. In addition to gray, tile glue can also provide white appearance, suitable for light-colored or translucent marble, ceramic tiles and other natural stones. Because of its high bonding force, tile glue does not need to wet the wall during construction, has good flexibility, waterproof, impermeability, crack resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, non-toxic and environmental protection, simple construction and easy operation , Save space, only need a thin layer of tile glue to stick the tiles very firmly, and the tile glue not only reduces waste and has no toxic additives, it is in line with the advantages of environmental requirements. Therefore, tile adhesive has become a very ideal home decoration bonding material, which is favored by more and more people. The above is the function of the tile glue organized by the editor, and I hope it can bring you some help.
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