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What is the quotation of Xinzhongyuan tiles? What is the price of Xinzhongyuan tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-13

   Ceramic tiles are the main choice in decoration. From the brand point of view, the popularity and reputation of Xinzhongyuan tiles are still good. How about the price of Xinzhongyuan tiles? For users who want to choose, the price is naturally a concern Where, from the perspective of the types of tiles that it can provide today, the quotations are naturally different, so what is the quotation of Xinzhongyuan tiles? Let's take a look at its main tile quotations.

  outdoor ceramic tile    glazed tiles is a very good choice among many ceramic tiles now. Its surface gloss is good and there are many patterns. It has different collocations for different home decorations and has become a popular place. The brightness of outdoor ceramic tile is good, giving people a bright sense of decoration, and their quotations are basically between 100-300 yuan, and the price will fluctuate according to different series.  花砖  The appearance design of the tile is relatively beautiful, and there are also a variety of choices in color matching. It is actually a very good choice for some users who like to pursue an elegant life. The design of the tiles is more elegant, and the quality specifications are well guaranteed. For users, they can create a more comfortable life enjoyment. The general price is about 88 yuan, and the good quality is 356 yuan.   microcrystalline stone    microcrystalline stone is a representative of relatively high technology in the types of ceramic tiles, and it is formed through secondary processing. The microcrystalline stone is relatively thin and has good gloss, which increases the aesthetics of the tile itself and does not appear particularly dull. In the current home decoration, microcrystalline stone is a good choice. It can well enhance the design atmosphere of the home and meet the needs of users. The general price is 1,200 yuan/square meter, which is a relatively high price.   polished tiles    polished tiles are based on the original addition of a layer of light, the quality is very high, the overall wear resistance has also been greatly improved, becoming a representative of a longer service life. The polished tiles of Xinzhongyuan have a good reputation, and the price is also affordable, about 80-200 yuan, according to the style of the price.  Antique bricks   The design of antique bricks is more distinctive. After being sintered at a high temperature of 1,000 degrees, the overall abrasion resistance has been improved. The design of this decking tile is relatively simple and elegant, and it has become a favorite choice for many users, and the price is about 50-200 yuan. The quotation of the new Zhongyuan decking tile is introduced here. Judging from the current quotations on the market, there are many better than the new Zhongyuan decking tile. For example, the price is good overall, and its own decoration design effect is good, and the quality is guaranteed. , Which satisfies the actual needs of the majority of home users. When choosing, you can first have a comprehensive plan and comparison, and choose the right tile brand.

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