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What is the production and processing technology of ceramic tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-15
With the continuous development and update of material science, ceramic tile processing equipment technology and materials are increasingly applied to ceramic cutting machines. The continuous update of technical materials has allowed the development of ceramic cutting machinery, and ceramic processing is a very technical job. For the operation of processing machinery, it is necessary to grasp the timing and operate accurately in order to obtain good processing results. cutting machine 1. What are the ceramic tile processing equipment? Circular arc polishing machine and decking tile cutting machine ceramic tile processing machinery and equipment. Modern ceramic tile processing plants mainly use arc polishing machine and tile cutting machine. Traditional ceramic tile processing machinery and equipment can be considered. Strictly speaking, there is nothing applicable. In recent years, more advanced machinery and equipment, called arc line polishing machines, have appeared, with functions: round edges, slotting, trimming, lines, L grooves, chamfering, polishing, etc., and people’s quality of life More attention has been paid to decoration and decoration, and more and more ceramic tile processing equipment manufacturers have emerged. Generally, there are two main types of ceramic tile processing machinery and equipment: arc polishing machine, and the other is ceramic tile cutting machine. Two are the two most commonly used devices. Arc polishing machine 2. production and processing technology 1. Inspection of ceramic tile materials before use. The quality of ceramic tiles largely depends on the quality of the materials. Therefore, the ceramic tile materials must be tested by the production process workshop before they are put into use. Usually the content of the test is mainly the loss on ignition, the absorption rate, and the shrinkage rate. For the added raw materials, there are basic mud and chemical materials. 2. The formation process of raw materials to bricks The ceramic tile raw materials that have passed the inspection will officially enter the production. The first process of production is ball milling and pulping, and the general ball milling time is about 12 hours. The longer the milling time, the finer the particles. Then, the mixer will continuously stir it, and the stirred slurry will be atomized into fine droplets and then evaporated into powder. The powder is made, it can be discharged at any time for production, and it is pressed into bricks by the press. However, the actual size of the pressed outdoor wood deck tiles is usually larger than the specification size, because the ceramic tile shrinks during the firing process. 3. The process flow from the brick to the finished product. The general shape of the outdoor wood deck tiles is completed, but a series of processes are required before the finished product. Due to the high moisture content of the bricks coming out of the press, if the glaze is printed directly into the kiln, it is easy to cause defects such as dry cracks and deformation of the tiles. Therefore, it must be dried in a drying kiln to achieve a qualified moisture content. At this time, glaze is applied by centrifugal glazing, pressure (water jet) spraying, and bell glaze glazing. The latter two are currently used in Faenza porcelain outdoor ceramic tile. Immediately afterwards, it is fired in a kiln, and the firing time of the kiln varies from company to company. The fired ceramic tiles also need to be edged, chamfered, and polished. The final step is grading, which generally involves processes such as quantity deformation, quality sorting, size inspection, and color separation. At this point, the tiles have been finished.
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