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What is the price of tiles for exterior walls

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

   When decorating the exterior wall, many people choose to tiling tiles, but they don’t know much about its price, and they don’t know his posting skills at the same time. Therefore, it will increase the cost of decoration, and it will also waste some decoration time. In order to solve these problems, the following will introduce you to the price of external wall tiles?

  1, ceramic-tiles -Exterior wall tiles-Nobel-Nobel 18608 Brand: Nobel Type: Exterior outdoor ceramic tile Model: 18608 Specifications: 240*320  Exterior wall tiles Price: 260.00 yuan/m2 2. Tiles-Ceramics-Wall tiles -Dongpeng Ceramic Wall Tile 45004 Brand: Dongpeng Type: Exterior Wall Glazed Tile Model: 45004 Specification: 300*450mm    Exterior Wall Tile Price: 196.00 yuan/m2 3. Mona Lisa Alps 6FA2071M Tile Brand: Mona Lisa Type: Exterior Wall Glazed Tile Model: 6FA2071M Specification: 600*6000mm   Exterior Wall Tile Price: 96 yuan/piece Specification: 800*800mm   Exterior wall tile price: 788.00 yuan/square meter 5. Marco Polo printed outdoor wood deck tiles Hanhaixing 48032B2 Brand: Marco Polo Type: Exterior wall printed tile Model: 48032B2 Specification: 600*6000mm   Exterior wall tile price: 125.00 yuan/piece 6 , Asia Tile Water Wood Years Series Brand: Asia Type: Exterior Wall Glazed Model: Water Wood Years Specification: 300*450mm   Exterior Wall Tile Price: 210.00 yuan/square meter The price of external wall tiles is introduced here, and there are many others on the market. Wall tiles are a very good brand. You can learn more about it. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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