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What is the price of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-10

because now prices rose too fast, so a lot of people complain about when they are in decorating decorate material is too expensive, often have to come forward to break the, is really can not stand, but if you know about the market in advance is should be able to reduce the number of the pit, the small make up to introduce you to the outdoor ceramic tile is attributable to the price of the related content, hope you can help to you!

1。 Glazed pottery and ceramic tile price

the so-called glazed tile actually better identification, glazed tile is on the basis of the body on a layer of glaze, so the pattern is very rich, and is more attractive, and polishing outdoor wood deck tiles as early as in the brick has already been decided when the color and texture, less so fancy. Glazed tile pattern rich with a high standard of appearance, especially after printing, transparent feeling is very, very good-looking. It is, however, the price is very expensive. Although polishing brick pattern is not so rich, strong wear resistance, simple, affordable. Average price per square meter - 70 180 yuan.

2。 Polishing brick and tile price

polishing brick is the brick tile body surface polished and become a kind of shining brick, because is an organic whole, belongs to a kind of ceramic brick. Glazed ceramic tile is on the basis of the body and the printing and glazing, in simple terms, is equivalent to more than a layer. As long as from the side, can see the difference: outdoor ceramic tile are the obvious stratification, can clearly see the glaze, if bricky face only a very thin layer of a color layer are certainly glazed ceramic tile. Relatively, the price usually is 220 - 290 yuan.

3。 Archaize brick and tile price

the so-called archaize brick is a kind of glazed wall tiles, body for the standard porcelain ( Bibulous rate is about 3%) Or urn-shaped ( Bibulous rate is about 8%) , used for building wall ground, due to the design and color texture, similar to the effect after the stone face with long, generally referred to as archaize brick in the industry. Archaize brick is evolved from CaiYouZhuan, is essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with the ordinary glazed tile, the main difference on the color of the glaze. If used in the construction of household is very beautiful! Go to 250 - the price 350 yuan.

anyway, so many kinds of ceramic tile, now want to buy the ceramic tile to the economic and material benefit to suggest more trips to the market, there should be more harvest, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website!

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