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What is the precautions for floor tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2021-01-21

the floor tile is contemporary bedroom see more the surface layer of decorative products, it makes the ground and metope adornment performance enhancements, at the same time, there are good waterproof non-slip, bedroom is safe for people to walk, provided the necessary conditions and floor tile are to be the shop is stuck, so what is the floor tile shop sticks considerations?

1。 , matters needing attention: the shop is stuck after 1 hour, should be timely will stay in tile cement, caulking agent or other wipe clean, sticky dirty object as caulking agent adhesion after four hours is difficult to clean. 12 hours after the shop is stuck, should knock brick surface inspection, if discover free drums shall be laid again. paved finish 24 hours rear can walk, wash thoroughly, mixed with water cleaner, clean decking tile clean thoroughly. 2. Standard regulations of the state, the surface of classy article quality should be 0. 8 meters outside the vertical observation surface of at least 95% without obvious flaws, of course, if according to this standard, most products can be up to standard, but we are not primarily look at 95%, but no obvious defects. Look from the package any spot check a few decking tile, the surface of the product has the following defects: corrugated, stains, glaze, knock against, crack, lack of glaze and so on. The back of each tile ceramic tile trademark, see it fits the bottom mark, at the back and sides are not allowed to have bonding adhesives etc. 3. shop sticks as far as possible, use a computer typesetting, after carefully before measurement and choose the reasonable plan, statistics the specific number of floor tile of horse, to arrange beautiful and reduce the loss for the purpose, and the key check whether the geometry size of the room is tidy. 4. laying, along with clear, keep clean. ( Using cotton yarn or sawdust cleaning) , and the cement mortar in outdoor wood deck tiles joints from clean out, has been completed and jointing. 5. flatness with 2 meters level examination, the error must not exceed 0. 5 mm, adjacent outdoor wood deck tiles elevation difference should not exceed 0. Gap straightness 3 mm, 5 mm, laid of floor tile, the other type of work may not be pollution, not trample. 24 hours after the completion of the floor tile crack-cleaning, cleaning, and maintenance. shop sticks note what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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