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What is the precautions for ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-08-05

ceramic tile is very common in daily life, after all, every house decorate inseparable from the ceramic tile, the house is decorated in granite floor tiles, certainly will have access to many of the owners in order to calculate their cost, so for the price of the granite floor tiles should be aware. Floor price is not the same every year, so many owners want to know what are the considerations of choose and buy of ceramic tile?

outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1, the prices for the selected outdoor wood deck tiles with your budget closely related to the price of outdoor ceramic tile can be from a few dollars a square meters to hundreds of pieces of a square. Generally 50 is recommended for kitchen, bathroom. 00 - 90. 00 per square. The labor cost of ceramic tile are 40 per square, if you buy below 35 waste cement ceramic tile. The sitting room. 80. More than 00 per square, quality guaranteed.

2, where a clear need to shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile

the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, sitting room or bedroom.

3, clear oneself to choose the type of brick

this has to do with the integral style of the home, garden, contemporary and contracted style. Mostly rural style: matte outdoor wood deck tiles as the main, Dumb smooth interior wall + archaize brick) , contemporary and contracted style: bright light brick, wall brick + polishing brick.

4, a clear choice of the specifications of the brick: kitchen + toilet metope commonly used specification ceramic tile is: 300 * 450 or 300 * 600 ( A little note: now brick low density, water absorption, affix a period of time will change color, yellow impure, also easy to crack, so if it is self living, good advice don't choose too brick, or at least moderate! ) 。 Scarcity value, can also with other members of the opposite sex specification, just more money, this material to your point, artificial cost also high ( If your budget is not a lot, to form request is not high, the individual feels practical, environmental protection, so that we can save some spending) 。

what is the matters needing attention of choose and buy of ceramic tile is introduced here, the ceramic tile of choose and buy is related to many factors, the brand is different, the price is different also, type is different, the price also is different, so when people in the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the products is the key, at the same time when ceramic tile of choose and buy, should pay attention to also have a lot of matters, as long as people understand this, will be able to buy good quality products.

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